Some upcoming changes for this blog (including, possibly, frequency).

I’m planning on making some renovations to this blog soon. It won’t be anything major, I don’t think, unless I find a template for the overall look that I like better than the one I have. I’m thinking more of changing some of the photos on here. I still want to keep the Walt Whitman quote but I’m not happy with that creepy photo of myself up there next to it. I only picked it because it was the best at the time, with the intention on changing it later. I think it’s later. Of course I say that when I probably won’t get to making the change until next weekend when I have the time. Also, I realize that when I’m referring to these changes now anybody in the future reading this post won’t realize what the hell I’m writing about. That’s why I’m going to stop with the details now.

But there’s another idea regarding the nature of this blog that I’m toying with. No, I’m not changing the style of my writing again aside from its natural evolution. I might go back to writing my older style of posts from time to time in which I describe my day and plans for days to come but that’s not the major change that I’m thinking of. I’ve alluded to this from time to time but never really addressed; besides which, I’m not sure if I ever really thought it through. I’m considering reducing the frequency of which I publish posts here.

“But Mick,” I hear you cry out loud, “What will we do without your wit and intelligent rantings which light up our day six times a week?” I know. I’m sorry for scaring you. But as I have said time and time and time again I write this blog for myself. The fact that anybody reads this is great—it astonishes me, actually, that people follow this blog regularly—but I think we have an understanding by now that this is my writing journal that I have made public. It’s my almost-daily practice in writing. But aside from the weekends I’m working on other writing, and trying to come up with a blog post let alone write it sometimes eats into my other writing time. When I started this blog I wasn’t writing nearly as often as I should have, or as well. Once I built up my skill as a writer I started working on creative fiction which turned out to be better and more serious than I have done before. Even if I wanted to work on revisions in order to self-publish my short stories that I said I would do earlier this year, I’m not allowing myself time to do so.

The simple truth is that I don’t owe six blog posts a week to anybody but myself and I’m not so sure I need to anymore. At this point this has become a compulsion more than writing practice. My writing has improved greatly since I started this, and in that this blog has achieved its purpose. But as far as continuing the practice is concerned… can’t I get that through my creative writing as well? I possibly could, although I concede that I am worried I will limit my skill as a writer to whatever style I’m focusing on at the moment. If anything, by changing topics each day I allow myself the possibility of writing differently every time. Even the difference between the mostly non-fiction nature of this blog versus the fiction of everything else I write is important. So in that sense I can see that this blog is important to me.

But I just don’t know if I need to do so every day anymore. I’ve already decided that I’m going to no longer worry about “make-up” posts. If I did I would be stressing out over what my extra blog post this week should be about to make up for the missing one last week. Instead, I’m going to just let it go. Until I decide what I’m going to do I’m going to stick to my schedule now, but if I have other work to do I’m going to allow myself the chance to miss one or two. I’m still going to have to give myself a good reason.

I suppose this would be an easier decision to make if I wrote for a living, instead of having to work nine hours a day at a department store. What makes things worse (depending on how you look at it) is that I’m actually making a comfortable living with that job. I have a nice apartment in a nice neighborhood, two vehicles, and sometimes a little fun money on the weekends. It may not be the most prestigious of work but it pays the bills. Am I getting too comfortable? That’s a topic for another time.

The change I have in mind will run along the lines of two or three blog posts a week. I’ll definitely make myself write on the weekends. Then I would write a blog post whenever an idea comes to me. As it is, this blog post is one of the longer ones but because I already had a well-formed idea to start with it’s only taking me about half an hour to write. That’s half the time than blogs half the length, sometimes. So in one way this blog really would be more like a writing journal, in that I would write something down when it came to me. Also, aside from the two on the weekends I would have no need to worry about word counts. Even if something was only two hundred words, as long as it satisfies me I would be fine with it. I’ll worry more about my 2,000 a day in whatever else I’m doing. (Look at the word count for this post, and on top of that I wrote just over 1,400 words in the novel I’m working on. Apparently today was one of the more productive ones.)

As I write this I’m starting to convince myself that maybe it would be the right decision. Maybe I just needed to air out my ideas in writing in order to make a decision. But I’m still going to think about it. I’m giving myself until this weekend. By then I’ll let you know. Of course I could make this decision at any time, but working within parameters helps sometimes.


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