Michael Boulerice’s “Giving the Gift of Failure.”

I want to take a quick moment to advertise Michael Boulerice’s new e-book, “Giving the Gift of Failure.” To quote the description on Amazon:

Michael Boulerice’s special brand of self-depreciating storytelling continues in GIVING THE GIFT OF FAILURE, the third installment of his Kindle essay series. Recounting his flailing attempts at high school romance, Michael takes the reader on a painfully comedic journey through juvenile lust, accidental mosh pits, emotional inadequacy and a particularly nefarious special needs student, all before dropping us off at home with the comforting notion that everything we’re worried about in our own lives is going to be alright after all.

I don’t normally promote other people’s work without a full review but a.he asked me to, b.I know him and c.most importantly, it’s worth promoting. It’s a well-written essay that any of us nerds who had troubles with lust and love in our teenage years can relate to. You can buy Giving the Gift of Failure here.


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