Current progress of the book; “The Damned.”

I unintentionally took last week off from writing the novel. This means I’m trying to be extra diligent starting today writing at least something in it every day. I’m not doing so well so far as I got hung-up on coming up with a blog idea for the day first. Then I get stressed out over how little time I’m going to have to work on either the longer I think about. The worst part is that I know where I am in the book. I could just write that first. But once I got into my head that I had to get the blog post done first then I couldn’t concentrate on writing for the book. So I decided to write a little bit on the part of the book that I’m tackling today.

The chapter that I’m working on is based on the song “The Damned” from the first Shadows of Immurement album. It’s a pretty straightforward premise (within the context of the story, anyway). The protagonist of the book has gone back into the past again. Instead of sharing an experience with the ghost of a recently executed member of the cult that meets in the house, our “hero” is free to roam around the house in a non-corporeal form of his own. The time he gets sent back to is after the executions have started to become more regular and the additional walls are constructed in the basement to kill the condemned. He is able to travel through the wall to see the recently dead. He then floats up to the main hall where he is confronted by the spirits of those he just saw, including Sophia. (See this earlier post for fuller details of the book so far. I’ve written more between then and this chapter but that post should give you a good idea of what I’m talking about.)

That’s as far as I have written so far. I’m going to have the damned tell the protagonist about the fact that most of them were killed simply for speaking out too much against the leader of this branch of the cult. I haven’t decided yet if they’re going to have foreknowledge of what happens to the guy but I don’t think it will matter much if they do. Anyway, the protagonist realizes that he’s not sharing the body of Sophia’s original lover and that he might be in that room. I think that I might have the lover appear and terrorize the protagonist in some way. I haven’t worked out the details yet. But during the whole conversation they hint at the trials our “hero” is going to go through soon. So far the house and the memories within have just been toying with him, giving him general weird concepts to deal with. They’re going to tap into his psyche and get personal soon.

Before he can get any more information is when the lover terrorizes him. I keep thinking of the lover as “Randolph” in my head but I don’t think I’m going to name him in the draft. I’ve found that I’ve gotten used to not naming my characters, especially for stories told in the first person. The only one I named in this new story is Sophia. The name will become important later when the main character goes through his “trials,” although the name “Sophia” itself is unimportant. I picked it more or less at random. Anyway, when the main character is terrorized he’s sent back into his body in the present time. (I’m leaving it ambiguous whether or not he’s a ghost leaving his body or if something’s injecting his mind with memories, or something else.) That’s about when the chapter will end.

The main theme of the chapter is censorship and getting punished for speaking out against the powers that be. I may be using extreme and/or exaggerated circumstances but it’s a subject that I’ve always been interested in. I hate ignorance but even worse is not letting that ignorance being aired out in public. How else will we know to address it? This is a difficult subject that would make for a separate blog post (especially as this one is now starting to get pretty long).

I’m also toying with the idea that all of the concepts that our protagonist has been facing for the first part of the book will have counterparts on a personal level in the second part of the book, which is based on “Stare Into The Abyss.” In that section he will have to face moments from his own life brought back to flesh to him (maybe) by the demons that live in the walls of that house. I’m getting to the point that I don’t want to give away spoilers in case this ever does get published. Not only that I have to finish it first as well, one piece at a time.


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