I can now step back into Focus.

I got a new car today. I picked up a 2014 Ford Focus SE. I would have gotten the S but after all of the rebates and everything the SE was only a thousand dollars more for a lot more features. At least that’s the way it was sold to me. Honestly the only reason I picked the SE instead of the S was the dealership had one in black. If I wanted the S in black I would have had to wait. I wanted the car today. I was determined to get the color I set out to get this time. The last two cars I had were nice cars but I had to settle for the color of the cars that I could get the best deals on. This time I got a car in what they called “tuxedo black.”

I would have taken pictures for this blog post but when I tried to I discovered that the batteries in my camera died. Yes, I still use a digital camera because I don’t have a newer phone that can easily take pictures and post them online. My phone does take pictures but I disabled the messaging service that would enable me to send those pictures to the phone company’s website and I can’t get that service turned back on. I also don’t understand why I never have AA batteries on hand when most of my devices take AA batteries. So you’ll just have to look up stock photos of a 2014 Ford Focus SE in black if you want to know what my car looks like.

I think I can afford the car payments. They gave me a six-year loan at the lowest rate possible. I had to raise the deductible on my car insurance in order to afford that as well. I may have to cut out “fun money” from my weekends from now on. Considering that I really don’t want to go out much on weekends anymore I don’t see this being much of a problem. I’m still up in the air about heading out on a big bike trip in a couple of weeks. It might be tight, especially after I pay the excise tax, but this may also be the last chance I can take this ride for a few years. I’ll really just have to see how much money I have when the time comes.

I’m enjoying the new car so far. It’s got a lot more features than my old car, especially when it comes to the audio set-up. I’m able to plug my iPod directly into a USB port and can control it easily that way. It has cruise control and power windows which my last car didn’t have. The air conditioning actually works in this one. Likewise, the light behind the left side of the dashboard isn’t burnt out. Another neat features is a handle that glows in the dark on the underside of the trunk door that pops it open should I ever get stuck inside it. Why that would happen I don’t know but it’s a cool feature to have. Of course I had to test it out so I jumped in the trunk and had my brother-in-law close the door on me. It works.

I could give a run-down of all of the features and doo-dads on the thing but the most important thing is that I have a new car. It runs smoothly and isn’t rusted out underneath. There’s no squealing coming from under the hood when the engine is running. I don’t feel every little bump in the road. It has that new car smell which I’m not fond of but that will go away. I’ll still ride the motorcycle on nice days but I have the option of a car again.


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