The T.V. is broken.

My television has been turning itself on lately and then off again on its own. I can control it somewhat but when I’m trying to watch something it’s really annoying when my set turns off on me automatically. I think it might have something to do with the heat or the humidity. It was doing this once before. I think it may have been last summer when it did. I ended up borrowing a set from my father. I say “borrow” although he said he didn’t want it back. It used to belong to a now dead aunt and was just taking up space in a mostly unused room in his house.

Then I discovered that my own set was working so I put the other one away in my office. It has a bigger screen plus it feels more like mine even though I’m stuck with the other one. I don’t feel like lugging it back out again in the middle of the work week just to watch my latest rental from Netflix. It’s just a collection of Laibach music videos. I threw the DVD in my laptop so I could watch them on that while I’m working on this blog post. I’ll try to get to the novel as well but I’m too tired to think too straight. We’ll see how much of a distraction the DVD is. I know I could turn it off (and I’ll probably just skip through it anyway). But I want to put it back in the mail for tomorrow so I can get the next one in the mail on Saturday.

I’ve already covered my take on getting interrupted before so I won’t bother describing what I yelled at my T.V. while I was watching a music video. I just hope that my neighbor downstairs didn’t hear it and thought something was really wrong. I’ve been a bit irritable lately and yelling at the littlest things. I know that it could be a sign of a concussion and I did hit my head at work a week and a half ago. But that’s the only possible sign that I’ve noticed… and I’m probably only associating this with a possible concussion because I read about concussions the night after the injury. Then, of course, I become a worry-wart. I don’t normally suffer from hypochondria so I won’t associate it with that. Besides, I haven’t seen “worry-wort” used in years so I figured I would throw it out there.

Wow, this post started going nowhere fast. I wanted to write about the problem with the T.V. but I didn’t come up with much of anything. I had something a little more poignant to say (I think) about cleaning out my car and then selling it for scrap metal yesterday but I wanted to hold off. I’ve been writing too much about my car issues this week. I guess I should have stuck with the theme. Unless something more interesting happens tomorrow I’ll have to go back to that.

By the way, one of the days this week I’m going to have to do some yard work again for my father which means I’ll have to be a post short this week. I know I said before that I would allow for that but I just wanted to throw that out there as a reminder that might happen once in a while.


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