I have to get a new car.

It looks like it’s time to buy a new car. My Ford Focus has served me well for the past thirteen or so years but it’s done. It still runs okay but it’s been rapidly deteriorating over the last few years, especially the undercarriage. I knew that a bracket had broken off underneath and that my inspection was due this month. My brother-in-law, who’s more mechanically inclined than I am, looked under the car for me today. He has another Focus from around the same model year and said that if I needed to we could take the same bracket off of his and put it onto mine. His car also needs to be scrapped and he already bought a new one. When he was looking down there, however, he not only noticed that the bracket was missing but another piece had rotted away completely, which may have to do with why the passenger-side rear wheel is tilted. So at this point there would be so much work that has to be done on this car that it would be more cost-effective to buy a new one.

My plan is to get this one scrapped first. I need the extra money for help with registration and the down-payment. I might be able to swing it without scrapping the car. But if I also know that I’m going to be able to get money for this one then I figured I would use that to help. Fortunately it looks like it’s going to be good weather for the near future and I have a motorcycle. (Unfortunately I may have to skip the long bike ride this year because of all of this. I haven’t figured that out yet.) If I haven’t gotten the new car yet after scrapping the old one my father said I can borrow his car on rainy days. My inspection sticker runs out at the end of the month but I want to get this done as soon as possible. Not only that, I’m worried that my car may not actually be safe to drive now.

I would love to get an electric car or at least a hybrid. I’m not strictly an environmentalist but I don’t want to support the gas companies that are currently running things. But it looks like the only cars in my price range are similar to the one I have now. It’s a small sedan that gets pretty good mileage and I only really drive it to work and back anyway. I wouldn’t mind having some variety but I’ve had good luck with this dealership. My family has been going to them for years. Besides, I want to get this done. In that case I’m likely to end up with another Focus. I hope that it has the same audio system that my father’s Escape has. I’m also going to really try to get a black one this time. I don’t mind green but it’s not really my color. The only reason I have the car that I have is because it was a program car, so I didn’t have a choice with its color.

I hate making car payments but the sad truth is in northern New England one needs a car for during the winter. There isn’t a big public transport system close to where I live. Even if there was the bus lines around here don’t run as early as I would need them to in order to get to work on time at five in the morning. It’s not that I can’t make payments but that would leave me little money for anything else. I already resolved to stop going out so much on the weekends as I’m not really profiting from doing so anyway. But as a music lover this could cut me off from buying CDs and going to concerts.

I’ll live. I should remind myself that if my biggest problem is making payments for a car that I can afford I shouldn’t worry too much about life. At least I can still have a car. I just wish we didn’t have to have the dependency on cars that we have.


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