“Religious Freedom.”

I guess the pink elephant in the middle of the livingroom is the incredibly wrong ruling by the Supreme Court in the Hobby Lobby case. I don’t really want to go into the specifics of the case itself because I’m conflicted in terms of how this relates to the Affordable Care Act. On one hand I’m obviously against the religious nuts in charge of the company restricting women’s right to contraception and I know that this could be potentially a bad precedent for future related issues. On the other hand I’m not a fan of the Affordable Care Act. I would have preferred something socialist.

But the whole affair of “religious freedom” or “religious liberty” is really getting on my nerves. Does it really count as “freedom” if you’re restricting the freedom of others based solely on your archaic views? We don’t have the freedom to hurt other people in other laws when they come to violence—except if your state has the immoral “Stand Your Ground” law. Does the freedom to practice your religion trump the right of others to healthcare?

I think not, but apparently the majority of the Supreme Court does. Where does it end? Thankfully the law was shot down in Arizona in which business owners could reject customers based on their sexuality because of “religious freedom.” But we’re seeing wars all over the middle east based on religion. Apparently “religious freedom” can be taken to the extremes of outright violence. It may seem like a stretch to compare the Hobby Lobby case to Islamic extremists but on the surface they really aren’t much different.

So now we have a case that’s not only a Church and State issue but also another step in the War on Women. I’m not one for using catchy slogans like that but considering I don’t refer to it that much on this blog I figured I would use something that would be quickly identified. The two issues are constantly intertwined with each other so it may be unnecessary to point it out. But I am as it’s just sickening how much we have to put up with this crap over and over again.

“Religious freedom” is just a thin disguise for bigotry and sexism. As a straight white male I know that I have little ground to stand on. Of course I don’t run into this on a personal level. I haven’t even had problems as an atheist in the workplace in years and even when I did it was minor. And I also know that this blog post may be a bit haphazard. It’s purely reactionary and written in a rush (not to mention that I’m just coming off of a frustrating day at work). But I had to get this out of my system.

Perhaps it’s time to coin the phrase “Atheist Freedom.” The only problem is that it feels redundant.


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