Writing with music on in the background.

I’ve been debating back and forth with myself if listening to music in the background while I’m writing or reading is a good idea or not. For a while I’ve been writing without music because I thought it would help me focus.Before I sat down at my computer for my creative writing time today I had a song in my head. I knew that would be even more distracting so I put on a metal podcast that I haven’t finished listening to yet this week. I then found that I was able to drive that song out of my head and get to work. I should mention the most annoying part of this earworm was that it was a song that I was making up myself and really enjoying it. Maybe I should have worked on that song but I really didn’t want to today. I have to get moving on this horror novel.

I’ve covered the idea before about writing with different types of music in the background that helps sets the mood of the scene that you’re writing. I have found this is true in the past even though I’ve been unsure about the distraction of it. I had a weird schedule today and didn’t have my usual two hours to write so I didn’t care too much about what type of music that I listened to as long as I didn’t have to engage with it too much. I can with metal but I can choose not to. The only times that it might get distracting would be when the D.J. comes on. Fortunately in this show the guy doesn’t talk too much.

So now I’m veering in the direction of writing with music on. It helps drive out thoughts that would otherwise hurt the process. I’m going to say that this should go for reading as well. I don’t find myself daydreaming too much when I’m reading but other thoughts can sneak through when I don’t want them to. I think about what I’m reading but I don’t have to work as hard as when I’m creating something. Having music on in the background has the same effect as when writing but it might not be as necessary. Still, what’s wrong with having a relaxing evening with some instrumental piano and a good book?

Of course this could all be hogwash. Yet again I noticed that I haven’t been as productive lately as I should be. I come up with a solution that should help me work better. But the motivation to work better is probably causing me to work better instead of the “solution” that I came up with. Then I write a blog post in which I analyze the process. This in turn could potentially work against the idea in the first place. If the power of suggestion works so well for me in order to be productive, should I really abandon it?


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