Trying to improve physically.

Since I started jogging I’ve had periods of not keeping up with it but for the most part I’ve kept it up at my old regular pace for several months now. I’m noticing a big difference between my jogging now and when I’ve kept up with it before. It used to be the more regularly I jogged, the further I would be able to go each time. Now I notice that since I started again I don’t have the stamina to go much further but I’m able to run faster. Could that be the reason why I’m not going further? It feels right when I sprint occasionally when I’m out there so I do it. I wonder if it would be better for me to go further in the first place. Does it matter as long as my performance improves? Am I still getting the same results from either workout? This is all assuming that there’s a correlation between the speed and the distance anyway. I should be shooting for improving my speed and distance. For now I’m going to work with the goal of improving my distance now that my speed is improving as well.

Recently I tried mixing meditation during a workout session. I ran to the nearest free beach to me which is about a mile away. I walked across the beach for what is normally the length of time of my cool-down period. For those unfamiliar with Seapoint Beach in Kittery Point, Maine (which I suspect would be most of you who read this) this would take me to a rocky section of the beach which I find to be a good place to sit down and relax while watching the water. I found my favorite spot, sat down and tried to meditate. I found it difficult to do because even though I went through a cool down period my pulse was still high and I was energetic. It was distracting me. I then warmed up with the walk back across the beach and jogged back home from there. Incidentally, that day I jogged much more than my usual distance, although I broke it up. Could that be an answer to the first issue I raised here?

I’m not even sure if I need to meditate anyway. I don’t take a spiritual angle to it but I know people still claim that it has benefits. I have found myself more relaxed and focused after a good meditation but I have to wonder if I would have had just as much of an effect from sugar cubes. It would help to find out if I could keep it up on a daily basis. My schedule lately has prevented it. Fortunately things are calming down in my life so I should be able to pick it up again.

I still haven’t started weight training. I still have the equipment but I’m afraid if I don’t do it right I’ll hurt myself. That’s something I also need to allot time for. Not only do I need to have time to do the exercises but to also research how to do them. Space is also an issue. I put the weight bench and weights in the shed outside my apartment with the intent on using them there. The downstairs neighbor asked if he could put some of his art supplies in there as well. I said yes not realizing how much space he was going to use. Now my equipment is shoved in the corner and I can’t use it inside the shed anymore. That’s fine during this time of year when I can just drag the stuff outside, but what about when it gets colder?

I’m also toying with my diet. I never actually consulted with a nutritionist or anything to set up a diet that’s good for me. This week, with all of my financial problems, I opted to go for expense rather than looking too much into the healthful aspects of my food choices. I’m going to get real sick of soup by the end of the week but it’s what I could afford.

I do so much to exercise my mind through reading, writing and music but I sometimes feel like I’m not doing enough for myself physically. All of this takes so much time. I really hope I figure out a way to get paid for writing soon so I can free up my schedule to do all of these things I want to do.


One thought on “Trying to improve physically.

  1. Hi there, I’d suggest looking at youtube for videos of utilizing proper weightlifting form for not injuring yourself without a spotter. There are also a lot of videos that teach on how to fail/bail properly.

    I’ve also started meditating again regularly, and it hasn’t had that effect on me, but I hope it continues to work for you 🙂

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