Today is a bike day.

Yesterday I put in the new battery into my motorcycle. It took longer than it should have because of the cat from next door. It’s friendly, I like it, but it keeps picking the worst times to try to get my attention. It kept hopping onto the bike while wanting me to pet it while I was putting the battery in. Eventually it got on the bike seat, which I had resting on the saddlebags (the battery goes under the seat) and settled down. I let the cat sit there while I worked.

I got the battery hooked up and turned the bike on—and nothing happened. I started to panic. I didn’t know if I was supposed to charge it first. It came loose without a box or instructions. I think it was recycled. I checked the connections again to see if I missed anything. I did. The stupid cat distracted me so much I forgot to hook up the positive connection. I tried to start over but then the cat got down and stood on the battery. I finally had to pick it up and plop it down on the driveway so I could start again.

Finally I got it hooked up properly and the bike started. I’m writing this at eleven in the morning and it’s already an awesome day for a ride. After lunch I’m going to head out on it and spend the day riding around. I’m not taking any major trips and I’ll probably make stops but no matter how I look at it it’s a bike day. I’ll get a chance to try the turn signal switch on the road now that I think I fixed it. If I did it right I saved myself two hundred bucks. I still need to pick up new gloves and it looks like new boots at some point, but those are minor expenses compared to what I thought I was going to have. Considering my financial problems this week and I had to borrow money to bike the battery this is definitely a plus.

My plan for the day is to ride up to York Beach, then up through Cape Neddick to Route 1. I’m not sure yet if I’m going to take back roads or not. I was thinking I might head up to Mt. Agamenticus but I’m not up to hiking today and I really don’t feel like taking my bike up and especially down the mountain. However I decide to do it I’m going to head to Rollinsford. There’s a nice little park in that area that I want to stop at. From there I plan on driving to Dover, making a couple of stops there, and then to Portsmouth for the evening.

That is, of course, if that cat will keep off of my bike.


Yes, I’m aware I’m behind a blog post again. I have ideas for one but like I said I wanted to get out on the bike right away. If I don’t get to one tonight when I get home I’ll try to write two tomorrow.


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