I might be off of the Internet for a few days.

I might not be online for a day or two. I’m not sure but there’s a possibility that my financial information might have compromised which means I’m going to go through a lot of shit with cleaning out my computer. I dread having to do another system restore as those are a big pain. I’m hoping that the problem is just with paperwork on my bank’s end. It looks like it very well could be but I need to check with them first. If there is a security issue then I won’t be able to publish blog posts between now and then. If there isn’t a major problem then I’ll get back to my regular routine.

I won’t go into the problem because I’m afraid that might put my security at risk as well. I know that doesn’t make for a very good blog post but the point was about why you might not see any new posts for a few days. I’m not shutting down the blog or going anywhere. I’ll try to make up the blog posts if this does happen. I’ll probably still be able to write them, just not get them online. I suppose I could run down to my father’s place and use his computer but that’s always tricky. He talks too much while I’m trying to write. Besides, it would take me away from getting these problems fixed.

The worst part is that I might have to wait a few days to even see if it is just a mistake on my bank’s part. I will say that a weird transaction was made, but if it went to the right person that’s fine. The problem is it’s too early to tell and the transaction might have just not gotten to the other end. If that’s the case I’m still not going to go online for fear that some of my financial information is getting leaked out to the Internet. This will suck when it comes to making up blog posts and keeping caught up on podcasts but those are minor issues compared to somebody getting my bank information.

If anything, it will just give me more time to get caught up on this novel. I just won’t hook up my computer to the Internet.


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