So, this is is not a blog post.

This is just a quick note in case anybody’s wondering why I haven’t posted since Tuesday. Yesterday I mowed my father’s lawn so I took the day off from the blog. I don’t count that as one to make up. I am skipping one for today (I’m not counting this), so I’ll write a post for both Friday and Saturday. That is, of course, if I get tired on Friday again in which case I’ll write two on Saturday. I’m not going anywhere so it won’t be a problem. I’m getting broke because I just registered my car today and I know that my AAA registration will be renewed soon as well. That and rent is coming up. I also may have plans in the middle of the next week which will require money. So I won’t go out this weekend. It’s supposed to rain, too, so I won’t go kayaking or taking joy rides on the motorcycle or anything. So writing two blog posts on Saturday won’t be a problem.

That’s only if I skip writing one Friday, that is. Last week I was recovering from whatever illness I had and went to bed right after dinner. I didn’t get up until the next morning, meaning I got about eleven to twelve hours of sleep. I remember I even had a dream during all of that in which I overslept, although a good ten hours more than in real life (and in my father’s house, which was weird). I couldn’t possibly have posted on Friday. But I don’t see that happening tomorrow. Therefore, I’ll probably get a blog post in tomorrow which means I won’t have to worry about two on Saturday.

I could get crazy and write two on Friday so I don’t have to write any on Saturday. As it is, though, I didn’t get to work on the novel today. I tried to write a blog post but I started that too late and couldn’t come up with anything. I decided that I’ll just keep with my six-day a week schedule and write for the next two days. Well, this week it’s five because I helped my father with yard work. It could be more but I only needed to help him once this week. So, anyway, I didn’t get to work on the novel so I was hoping that tomorrow I could return to routine and work on that. In that case I doubt I’ll write two blog posts on Friday.

I just wanted to let you know that I won’t write a blog post for today.


(I shouldn’t have to write this part but I really hope that people get the joke. Don’t worry, I won’t always resort to blog posts like this when I can’t think of anything.)


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