This new book is fitting together nicely.

I just had a decent session today while working on the new novel. I didn’t bother checking the word count but it certainly wasn’t the least amount I’ve ever written before calling it a day. To recap, I’ve been writing a horror story with plot points loosely based on song titles from the first two Shadows of Immurement albums. I’m in the chapter based on the song “Hot When Cold.” The song is based around necrophilia, which I then explored in the novel. I’m careful to not describe the actual act of sex as the book isn’t supposed to be pornography. I have no problem with erotic literature. I don’t have a problem with anybody’s particular fetish or paraphilia, either. But that’s not what this book is for. However, as I was writing today I realized how important necrophilia may be to the story.

The corpse in question is of a beautiful young woman who was murdered in the haunted house of the story back in the twenties. She was killed by her father, who also led a sort of occult group in that house and executed people by burying them in the walls of the basement. He threw her in the same place in the wall that her boyfriend was executed in. The main character, in the present, hears whispers all over the house but coming most strongly from that space in the wall. He hears her voice calling him to dig her out. He does so and finds that aside from a slight paleness her dead body is still intact. She begs for him, through some sort of ghostly telepathy, to make love to her. He does so.

I go through pains in the story to make sure it’s clear that the main character does not normally practice necrophilia and he might have not been in complete control of his actions. Either way, I couldn’t think of where to take the story next. I looked up the title of the next song but it didn’t really help me close this chapter. It still isn’t finished but only because of time constraints now. It came to me that I already established that the corpse is well-preserved. I then also remembered that I had introduced an old man who lived on the same street as that house and who also visited before. He had warned our main character not to go there. I hadn’t resolved why yet. I figured out that there was something about the act of making love to this corpse that kept it so preserved.

I also had in mind elements of the story later in the book which can also use this element of the beautiful dead woman. By calling out to potential men to make love to her, she’s also drawing them into the house. This in turn serves the need of other dwellers inside that house who need somebody from the world of the living to enter it. This story is starting to fit together like a puzzle. Say what you will about its content but I love it when that happens.

I don’t write creative material that others find offensive for its shock value. That has its place but there are others who use shock much better than I do. I don’t care if they find it offensive or not. I also understand that this story is shaping up to be something that would only appeal to a niche market. I’m fine with that. It helps me try to find a publisher for such a story.

I haven’t forgotten about publishing my short stories as e-books. Everything writing-related is taking a back burner to this story, and if something has to wait longer than I thought then so be it. But I will put them up there at some point, hopefully by the end of the year. At this point it’s more of a decision of how I’m going to present my stories than if they’re ready or not.


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