Reshifting my focus in Shadows of Immurement… yes, again.

I’m abandoning the ideas that I had before regarding the new direction of Shadows of Immurement. I’m not scrapping the compositions altogether—not that I got too far anyway. I had the angle that I was still pulling from the dark places of my psyche but going in a different direction. I had in mind an arrangement of three guitars, bass, and drums or drum machine and starting to play a bit heavier. You can hear an example of what I was trying to do at my Soundcloud page. (Feel free to listen to the other material there but keep in mind that I was not releasing any of it as Shadows of Immurement.) I got myself excited by this idea and started to write songs that would fit in that format.

I’ve been listening to more minimal, darker music online recently, especially from (but not limited to) music from the eighties. It wasn’t necessarily a lot of the goth music that influenced me originally, but a lot of the same ideas in terms of arrangement, repetition, and sometimes overall feel were similar. I was starting to wonder if I really wanted to go in the other direction after all. A while back I concluded that I wanted to switch to bass as my main instrument. Since then I’ve practiced bass much more than anything else. I came up with new riffs, some of which would work as Shadows of Immurement tunes. On the bass they felt more to me like the music I’ve been listening to than the kind that I wanted to do months ago.

When I came up with a new riff earlier this week I suddenly had a vision of a new live arrangement of the band. Instead of four or five people I would reduce it to two plus a drum machine. I need to learn how to sing and play bass at the same time, but aside from that, this arrangement is much more practical. I’m not well established on the local music scene so I don’t have access to other musicians that would be interested in what I do. An acquaintance of mine has already agreed to play guitar with me live but this was so long ago I’m not sure if this still stands. I’m still not ready to play yet but I now have more of an idea of what I want to do.

Those compositions, including the one I recorded and put on my Soundcloud page, are not dead. I realized that I’ll still be able to translate them into this new arrangement without really losing anything. With the three guitars I ended up spending more time doubling parts on different instruments instead of coming up with unique parts each time. It sounded good but wasn’t necessary. Besides, there’s something about the minimal arrangement that adds to the loneliness and despair that this darker type of music demands. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t ever experiment in the future, but for now, I’m somewhat reverting to what my older material sounds like. The only difference is that it will be even more minimal.

By the way, I have no intention changing anything about my other musical projects, especially as they’re a lot more varied anyway. Popkin-Salvador still has leftover material from the last album and has plans to continue. I’ve also been experimenting with a sort of electronic music such as the sort on the Soundcloud page although I don’t know how frequent that will be. Then there’s always other ideas that I have floating around that take a life on its own. Shadows of Immurement has always been representative of a specific artistic side of me. I just have to make sure I keep that side in focus.


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