Some notes on how I perceive things.

Sometimes I’ll look down at my feet when they’re right next to each other (this happens often if I’m standing). If they’re close enough I’ll change my perception of which one is further forward than the other. I don’t move my feet nor do I move my head to change my view. I simply change my perception of where the imaginary line is that one foot or the other would have to cross. I go back and forth with this for a few moments and then go back to what I’m doing. I don’t obsess over this but it will happen from time to time if I look downwards. As I don’t always have the best posture when I’m tired this can easily happen.

Sometimes I’ll look at a digital clock that displays seconds right after the second just changed. It makes the display somehow seem frozen, as if time was standing still. Then it changes to the next second, which in reality changes to the next second just as quickly but feels quicker than that. The moment is gone. I then watch the clock trying to make my mind go back to that feeling, like each second would be an eternity. Yet no matter how hard I try I can’t get that feeling back. It can only ever happen on accident. Now that I think about it, in my day-to-day life I frequently feel like I do in those disappointing moments when time goes back to normal.

I don’t really believe in time anyway, at least not in the conventional sense. I think of it more as the way our brain is able to perceive movement.

Along these lines, is it just me or has the speed of sound increased over the years? I always understood as a child that sound travels slower than light, and if I heard an airplane and can tell which direction it’s heading, I have to look ahead of where I hear the sound is coming from in order to see it. It feels like now I can pretty much tell where the plane is right off and there doesn’t appear to be a delay in the sound. Could it just be that my brain has adjusted for this difference over the years? If so, what else has it adjusted to?

Here’s another thought I have regarding perception. I may have gone over this before in this blog but it seems to feel right with this other stuff so here goes. Considering that the Earth is a round object and regarding the distances between people on the surface of this object, the person that is closest to you on the planet is also the furthest away from you in the other direction. You could probably try counting yourself in that, in which case you are the closest and furthest person away from yourself in all directions.

I have one more thing that also somewhat fits because it has to do with perceiving things. This has to do with how one can perceive patterns in a string of coincidences. I don’t believe that there’s any magic or force behind these coincidences. What I’m saying is that my mind was in such a state that I picked up on this anyway. And yes, to anybody from my friends list on Facebook that might be reading this blog post, I just copied and pasted a few of the following sentences. I realized that it works with this blog post so I don’t care.

In my status feed today I received information about a band which mentions a band member who goes by the stage name Faust, which was soon followed by information about a woman who’s last name is Faust. Then I got pictures from two different friends taken from the beach (the pictures, not the friends). I just recently got two different status updates close to each other where the main verb was “spent.” So as these things seem to work in pairs today, I conducted a little experiment in order to see what comes soon after “I want to have sex with Mick Marston!”. I’m still waiting on the results.


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