Going on vacation.

I’m on vacation officially starting Monday, so with my regular weekends off that’s nine days in a row—nine and a half if you count after getting out of work today. Seeing as I didn’t do much of anything I am. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to still follow any sort of routine throughout the time period off. I could use the extra time to work on my new novel, or I could just take the time and sort of reset my brain. I’ll probably end up doing a combination of the two. In the fatigued state I’m in I’m not going to bother working it out right now. Even if I could muster the energy to think about it clearly I would probably be too influenced by how tired I am.

One thing I am going to do is attend the New England Hardcore and Metal Festival on Friday. That’s why I’m taking the vacation this week in the first place. I was trying to figure out how to go to Worcester and keep awake on the drive home. I was looking at hotels and did find some cheap ones but I have no idea what the neighborhoods are like. Then I remembered that I have two weeks of vacation time that I had no plans for. I knew that I wasn’t going to take any faraway trips this year. I might still take a long motorcycle ride in the Summer but I can save for that one. Anyway, I decided to use take the first week now and try to train myself to sleep later each day so by the time I go to the show it’ll all be natural. That following Monday might be a pain in the ass, but I’ll deal with that then.

So, while I have no formal plans other than the festival, what do I think I’ll want to do this week? It would make sense to take the time to work on the novel but I’ll have to be in the mood for it. Again, I’ll wait to make that decision later this weekend. I have a book that’s been sitting on the coffee table in my living room that I haven’t been able to get to since January. I also heard that the weather is supposed to be nicer this week. Maybe with the extra time I’ll be able to figure out how to strap my kayak down on my car. I have a set-up that’s supposed to work without crossbars but before I couldn’t hook it onto what I was supposed to. I think I might have figured out a way around that. I also got my motorcycle out of storage yesterday. I definitely want to change the oil this weekend. I don’t know about any long rides but I might go out for a few hours one of the days I have off.

I don’t like to plan fun. I’ll plan trips to places, but I leave it open as to what I’m going to do when I get there. Of course this doesn’t apply to the concert. I want to save some money for that so I know that I won’t be able to spend too much beforehand. I’m sure I’ll treat myself to a meal out or two but otherwise I’m going to try not to go crazy. I make no promises.


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