Changing passwords.

Last night I didn’t get around to writing a blog post even though the reason I didn’t inspired a topic. Because of that Heartbleed bug I decided to change all of my passwords to online accounts yesterday. I might have been safe anyway but it is a good idea to change them once in a while anyway. However, I didn’t think ahead and didn’t count on it being such a huge undertaking. It took me an hour and a half to change most of the passwords I have to online accounts. I say most because with one service their website was messed up. I think it was a script error. Then with another one I’m not sure if it changed or not. They have a poorly designed site and it didn’t tell me if the password had changed. It’s a minor service though, so I wasn’t worried about it. Then on top of that, there’s some websites connected to an organization that I’m in that I wanted to change, but it was too late in the evening. I’ll just have to wait until the weekend to worry about them.

I should have figured out ahead of time that it would take me that long. I had fifteen passwords to change, and let’s say they averaged to about five minutes apiece. An hour and a half was pretty good when looking at it that way. I probably could have done it faster if it wasn’t for the frustrating experience with the messed-up site that wouldn’t let me change the password, or have to take a bathroom break or two. I knew halfway through that I had to give up creative writing last night but I didn’t count on skipping a blog post as well.

It really bothers me that I had fifteen passwords to change with that length of time in the first place. In order to live comfortably in this day and age I had all of these services lined up that I use, some more than others, and they all need to be changed from time to time for security reasons. It’s another chore, like doing dishes or laundry. I guess because I don’t sit down and go over bills once a month this is the chore to replace that. It’s also not like I need all of them. I don’t need Netflix, Amazon, or iTunes accounts but they’re all tied to financial information about me. I don’t need to have online banking, even, but it’s through that I’m able to have checks sent to my landlord once a month without having to pay for a checkbook. All of my utilities are managed through online accounts, which have automatic payments so I never miss them. One could argue that I could cut out all of my financial information on the Internet and never buy anything online. All I would have to deal with then would be spam e-mails and messages on Facebook. But even that would mess up my quality of life by having to re-establish my social connections, not to mention possibly setting up a new blog.

Of course, I’m also annoyed by the fact that we’ve got to the state with this new way of life where I have to open myself up to identity theft with all of these Internet accounts tied to a bank account which has numbers that are shuffled around based on meaningless work so I can afford food and shelter which I don’t think I should have to pay money for in the first place. But it’s where we are. But now I have to figure out a way so I can schedule password updating so it’s not happening in the middle of the week.

So that’s why I didn’t write a blog post for last night, putting me behind two now. I’m not going to write a new one tonight to make up for it as I’m very tired. Not too tired to drive, just to think creatively. I say that because the other reason I’m not writing a new blog post is that I’m about to get my bike home from storage. Maybe that will give me another idea for a blog post.


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