Possible changes to my schedule.

I write six blog posts in a normal week, with the assumption that I’m going to skip either Friday or Saturday given my plans for the weekend. I don’t really go out too much on either anymore as the two friends that I usually would go out with on those nights have both moved away. It isn’t as much of an issue anymore, then, to skip a night in the middle of the week. I always get nervous when the thought crosses my mind, though, such as it did tonight. I’m never sure how tired I’m going to be on Fridays. I wouldn’t mind getting all six done by then and have Saturday off. But I do tend to get worn out by the end of the work week. I haven’t been so bad with that lately, but who knows?

I almost skipped tonight’s blog post because I got out of work late. It looks like we’re getting more hours again this time of year and I had work to catch up on, so they let me stay over an hour. I don’t know if that’s going to become a recurring thing soon, but it did remind me that at some point I’m sure they’ll start scheduling me for overtime every week again. Now that I’m getting back into the groove of a routine I’m not having energy issues but this is going to throw my schedule off. Of course, I don’t have to have the overtime but I could use the money it brings.

As it is I had to cut out my creative writing time today. That should be the most important thing but I really want to get back into the habit of jogging three times a week. I was a little tired so I didn’t make a whole mile but the important thing was that I got out there. I then showered quickly followed by meditation (cut short). After all of that I didn’t have much time to write. I am going to go with my usual rule of turning my computer off at seven, an hour before bedtime. I don’t know if that is helping me sleep better, but it certainly isn’t hurting.

So, when it came down to it, I didn’t have enough creative energy to work on the new book. That’s okay. I got thrown off. But it served as a reminder that I’m going to have to change my routine a little when I work possibly an hour and a half extra every day. Chances are there will be days that I’ll try thinking of the work as my cardio for the day. I might even be right. But I have to be ready with an updated schedule in case I’m not.

What I’m really concerned about is that I’m still considering becoming a night person, with work being at the end of my day. I’ve been thinking about what it would mean should I go to bed after I get out of work at one-thirty. If I get the overtime and get out at three, that means I’ll have to adjust my sleep to later. That’s fine, but what about for the weeks that I don’t get overtime? Am I to try to adjust each week like that, or should I just have an overall sleep schedule that could account for overtime? Like today, sometimes I don’t know if I’m going to be staying over. I didn’t take that into account before. That means that I’ll have less waking hours before work. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a good idea after all.

Besides, one of the reasons that I wanted to become a night person was so I could get better atmosphere for my darker fiction writing. I started a new book which is a horror story last week, and aside from tonight things are going pretty well with that.


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