I’m thinking of becoming a night person.

Lately I’ve been struggling to get back into the groove of creative writing every day after work. Some days have been better than others. Today wasn’t one of those days. I was staring at the notebook in which I’ve been making an outline for the new story that I started recently. I came up with one plot point that was so mundane, although possibly important, in too long of a length of time. I try not to beat myself up on days that I’m not productive but it’s been happening too much lately. I’m sure I’ll work it out. It could just be a rough period of time that’s taking longer than I thought. But as I stared at the notebook trying to formulate this story I glanced at my computer and saw a picture that came up on my status feed:

I’m not too fond of the picture. Also, I’m only making an assumption that this really is a quote from H.P. Lovecraft. But it doesn’t really matter. The quote started a thought process. It made me think of an idea that I’ve toyed with before. What if I switch my schedule around so I go to bed right after I get home and then take the time after I get up to do my weekday stuff, such as write and practice bass, before I go to work? There are some pros and cons to the idea. Let’s explore them.

I’ll start with the pros. First, there’s the idea mentioned in the quote above. I have found inspiration at night, especially when I intentionally want to work on darker material, be it writing or music. That tends to be what I want to work on the most anyway. I could turn out the lights and light a few candles, and see where the mood takes me.

Another pro would be that I would get more sleep. As it is now I have to get up at four in the morning whether or not I get to bed on time the night before. If I switch things around I would get up whenever I get up. That right there would have massive health benefits. I didn’t jog today as I didn’t get to bed on time last night. It was my fault, but I have been having problems going to sleep lately. I don’t know how soon I would have actually fallen asleep anyway.

That leads me to the first, and probably biggest, of the cons. I can’t jog outside at night. It just isn’t well-lit around here. I tried it before. Fortunately one of the few times that I have I was able to see the white stripes of a skunk before I came across it but I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. I could go down to the treadmill in the basement but I don’t know if my downstairs neighbor can hear it or not when I’m down there. I think the treadmill is also directly under his bedroom, so if he’s going to hear it at all he’s going to hear it when I don’t want him to. I’ll have to ask him about it when I see him again. I won’t tell him what I’m planning, of course. I’ll just ask if he can hear it.

The other con is that mostly everything around here is closed that late. This could be a good thing as it would keep me focused on my work. It could also be considered a wash as I don’t really go out much during the week anyway. But suppose I had to make a doctor’s appointment or a job interview (I know, but I still hope). I could make it after work but if I change my schedule to what I propose I would have to stay up late. I won’t be at my best, unless somehow I can make myself sleep in. If it’s just a checkup I could make an appointment on the weekend, as I believe my local family practice is open on Saturday mornings. But scheduling appointments overall is something to consider.

Then there’s the matter of being sociable. Granted, I’m not very much.  But if I change my schedule this way, the earliest I would get up would possibly be ten o’clock. That’s fine if I go out on Saturday nights and have my breakfast while they have their dinner. But for the most part it would be hard hanging out or even making dates (again, I still hope). It wouldn’t be impossible, but difficult.

After weighing these pros and cons, it does seem like something that I could consider. The atmosphere for writing would be the biggest advantage while the noise of the treadmill would be the biggest problem. I should mention that I’m generally not a noisy neighbor anyway so the jogging really is my only concern in that regard. But it could be something I could work around. I could join a gym or find a way to jog outside after all. I could possibly jog right before I go to bed, but I’d have to look into any potential health risks that may cause. Besides, I would want to go to bed as soon as possible after getting home. But, if that’s the only way that I can work it out, maybe that’s what I’ll do.


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