The album is done, two songs streaming online.

The mixing is all done and I have a copy of the new album ready to hand into the people at The Wire tomorrow. I uploaded two songs from the album, “Spacetime Calling” and “Power of Three,” to Popkin-Salvador’s page at the RPM Challenge site. For anybody interested, I’m the one that sings lead on “Spacetime Calling” while Mike Thornhill sings on “Power of Three.” I’ll let you guess the rest for now. Once we get the full album online I’m sure we’ll have information somewhere about who did what. We kept it to ourselves this year. We are open to guests but that didn’t happen this time. We have a few friends that already have agreed to work with us in the future.

We have one song that we started recording before we worked on The RPM Challenge. We might actually be finished recording for that one but I don’t remember at this point. We also have a re-recording planned of a song that we recorded thirteen years ago. Aside from wanting to make it sound better I’m working on some new lyrics which will be sung by a friend of the band. As it’s still in the works I won’t reveal any names yet. Aside from all of this I’m always thinking of what I could be doing in Shadows of Immurement. I have a few ideas for that one.

Right now I’m going to take a short break from music. I want to enjoy a weekend without any obligations. I might go ahead and buy a cigar to celebrate like I did after the last two albums I recorded for The RPM Challenge. I haven’t had one in a while. Other than that I have no real plans this weekend.

I’m keeping this post short but before I close I should mention that Popkin-Salvador is now on Twitter. I’ll still post anything relevant and in detail here but there is another way for people to get news about the band. I’ll keep you posted if we have any other means of communicating with music lovers.


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