Recording’s done.

Well, this is embarrassing. Last night I simply forgot to write a new blog post. I’m going to keep this one very short as I am going to write a separate one for today regarding the album that I’ve been working on with a collaborator over the past month. I don’t really want to take away from that post with any big news or anything with this one. However, I do want to keep up with my six days a week. Yes, I know—I still owe one from December.

Yesterday I recorded the last tracks  on my end for the new album. He and I were both going to “improvise” a short piece of music in the key of D/Bm with a tempo of 140 beats per minute and then see if we could synch them up. We couldn’t. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I didn’t play a chord progression that included a chord that was out of key. It worked in of itself and could possibly be used for something else but the result was that we couldn’t “mesh” the two together. I wasn’t terribly happy with the recording, anyway. I did like his, however, and went to record a bass track for it. I ended up recording four. They all work together but apparently they don’t all work when mixed in with his piece. That’s not to say that they weren’t on key. He told me they just made too much of a mess. That’s fine. I expected that. He did use two of the tracks, and it turned out pretty cool. We were talking about remixes down the line, so maybe I’ll publish a track online with the four bass tracks together.

That was it for recording. Now he has a few days to finish the mixing and so forth. I’m taking care of the cover. We aren’t printing too many CDs this time. As we’re not very well-known that’s probably for the best. I can’t speak for him, but I doubt I’ll play any of these songs live. Somehow, I think they would lose their impact to play them without a band. I’m going to go into more details about the project with my next post. You’ll see then why it’s hard for the two of us to play live together.


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