Recorded a bass line, some odds and ends.

All I did for the album today was re-record the bass line for “A Head of Time.” My collaborator suggested that I varied the riff that I recorded during certain parts. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to, as I like the repetitious of what I did. It added a bit of tension during chord changes. I went ahead and recorded the new bass track according to his suggestions. I’m going to wait to hear his next mix to see how I feel about it. Don’t get me wrong, the new bass line works. There’s nothing wrong with it. I’m just not sure which I prefer. If I’m still not sure and he likes the new version, I guess that will decide that we’ll use it. One definite vote will defeat one undecided vote.

I’m getting to the point which I really don’t want to work on the album any more. I probably won’t stay that way. I’ve had a rough day at work today and the last thing I wanted to do was record anything, let alone a track to replace one that I already did. Maybe the new bass line is better and I’m only aggravated. Anything I say today about not wanting to work on the album could just be based on a mood that was determined by outside factors. I won’t make any statement saying that I’m done with recording just yet. I know that we still have at least one more song to work on. We have two in the works but as I’ve said we only need one to finish. It looks at this point that might be all we get to.

As I didn’t have enough to report on the album and yet I wrote enough that I don’t want to dedicate the rest of this post to another, full topic I’ll just write something like the posts that I used to before I switched styles. I’ll be going back to a topic a day soon. The only other big thing in my life is that my state tax refund went through. That means that the math must have been right, and I’m getting a lot of money back this year. I’m still going to wait until I see the federal refund before I fill out the paperwork to get less taken out of every paycheck. I’m still very pleased about the situation, though. I can not only pay rent for this month but starting next month I’ll be making it on time. Once the federal refund goes through I’ll be able to pay my father back the money I owe him. On top of that I’m looking into taking that big motorcycle trip this year that I missed out on last year because of what I thought was lack of funds.

As I’m writing this a little after seven-thirty at night, my downstairs neighbor is outside shoveling. I feel somewhat guilty for not going out there to join him. However, he goes out without complaining that I don’t join in sometimes. Besides, somebody plows the driveway, so he only does the walkway from the building to our cars. I have to do the steps that lead up to our apartment. While that’s not exactly affecting him it certainly means that I do quite a bit of work. Aside from that we’ve both been neglecting to clean out our mailboxes this winter. I went out there earlier but my shovel’s broken and I could only do so much. Now that I have money I think one of the first things I’m going to buy with my refund is a decent shovel. I suppose I should go out there and do something but I’m tired. It’s almost bed time.


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