Some more recording, mixing galore.

I recorded three solo tracks for “Is There a Power of Three?” today. I don’t know about my collaborator but I’m getting kind of sick of that name. Anyway, I recorded three, each with a different effect. There’s a lot of crap but I figured he can cut out what works and mix it to his liking. He was talking about playing some solos on that one as well. I’m not too worried about “keeping it real” all the time in terms of actually recording the solo where the solo goes and that’s the take I send him. I’m more interested in how the final product sounds. As it is the song would be pretty hard to reproduce live should either one of us decides to do so anyway. I doubt I would have to worry about playing a solo in that setting. Then again, I would like to think I would have more time ahead to plan one out.

I also recorded a bass track for “Broken Toys.” For some reason I decided to wear a suit as I recorded it. I was in a weird mood this morning. There’s really no reason for me to point that out other than there’s really nothing interesting about the bass part.

I rounded out my work on the album for the day by recording the guitar part based on an idea that he came up with on an organ. I extended it from the first time I originally came up with it but it’s still pretty cut-and dry, I think. It’s shorter than any of the others. It is a nice little piece that I think would fill out the album. There are a lot of influences on this thing and it’s hard to pigeonhole it into one genre. I think this one would fill the “emotional music near the end of the eighties sitcom episode” void.

With it or not I believe we’ve reached the thirty-five minutes for the sake of submitting the album. I’m sure there’s a few more parts on my end to record. For the most part I think he has most of the work at this point with the mixing process. He’s incorporating a lot of studio tricks now for the sake of production, which is really adding to the full sound of the album. As I write this he just informed me that so far “They Tell You/They Don’t Tell You” has thirty-five tracks. I suggested that we isolate each track as its own “song” and submit it to the people behind the RPM Challenge as a “do it yourself” kind of listening experience. We probably won’t.


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