Recorded several tracks yesterday.

I didn’t get to write a blog post yesterday detailing the day’s progress on the album. I had quite a bit to report, too. After finishing up those lyrics I decided to have a go at recording the vocals. As I did them all in a rush I was unsure of how they came out. However, my collaborator mixed at least two of them and didn’t have anything bad to say about them. I got those two files this morning but I’ve yet to listen to them. Like I said before, I’m confident in my lyric-writing but not so much in singing. I think I did the best I could, though.

I recorded vocals for three songs: “Dwabble” (working title—I did rename it “Continuum” but it turns out he already released a song before under that title), “Broken Toys,” more complete lyrics for “They Tell You/They Don’t Tell You,” and “A Head of Time.” No, that last one isn’t a typo. It’s incredibly funny wordplay. I had already recorded a guitar part for “Broken Toys” but apparently made too many mistakes, especially with the tempo. I was going to record a track of just patchwork for the guitar track but that was the one that I recorded on my classical guitar. The tone wouldn’t match, especially as I broke my thumb nail at work the other day. I therefore had to record a whole new track, plus another track in the same session with different parts looped for patchwork.

I recorded two different vocal tracks for “A Head of Time.” I wasn’t sure what approach I wanted to take. I had a fun time attempting a Bee Gees type of falsetto but I doubt it came out well. I recorded a more straightforward vocal track instead. However, I’m not entirely sure I nailed it. The problem wasn’t so much that I didn’t sing well as much as I wasn’t sure what the notes should have been. It was trickier than I thought. I get the feeling that I may have to record that one again.

I also recorded a guitar track for that “improvisation” that we were discussing. The idea is that we would each record a drum track at 150 beats per minute and improvise something in the key of D Major/B Minor on top of it, and then see if we could mix them together. I had a hard time thinking of it too much as improvisation, though. I still worked out a chord progression and had a few takes recording it. I can’t speak for sure what my collaborator is going to do, but I assume he’ll make his own track before he hears mine. Maybe not. We’ll see.

Today I think I only have three major tasks. I need to record a bass line for “Broken Toys.” We were both thinking of something simple. I do have a sort of walking bass line in mind for the chorus but I can live without doing that. Besides, as I write this I haven’t heard his mix yet. The other main thing I have to do is a guitar solo for “Power of Three.” I’m not very good at solos but I’m willing to give it a shot. My collaborator had the idea that we would each do a solo an alternate them. That sounds fine but I think I’m going to wing it for the whole song and he can cut out what he likes. Finally, I’m going to record a guitar part that I came up with to match a keyboard idea he presented to me. Technically, we don’t have to. If we decide to go with the “improvisation” then we’ll be at the required thirty-five minutes for the RPM Challenge. It would be nice to get this idea out there just the same. Perhaps one of these could be used as a bonus track?

I have two other tasks that I see as a lesser priority. He suggested that I record the drum track that I programmed for “Dwabble” again but with different “drums” on different tracks. Apparently this helps in the mixing process. We also agreed that I probably want to record a new vocal track for the song called “Passive-Transgressive.” When I recorded the first one I thought my vocals would be a lot more processed. I agreed that the new version that he produced sounded better but then my lacklustre performance is more audible. There’s at least one part that needs redoing. The reason I delegate these two tasks as lesser a priority is that we have tracks that are good enough for now, and should we get close to the deadline for the RPM Challenge we can leave them in for the time being. We can always do them later. I might have time to get to them today, though. Despite having the whole month available to us it seems like we’re more productive on the weekends.


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