Don’t deny your personal artistic history.

Lately I’ve been writing near the end of my day to report on that day’s progress on the album. I don’t have too much to report at the moment but I’m posting earlier than usual. We got pounded with a lot of heavy snow here in Kittery and it just turned to rain. I’m half-expecting to lose my power at some point. I have a battery in this laptop but I want to save it in case I really need to use it for some reason. Sorry, but a blog post isn’t that kind of emergency. Fortunately, my grocery shopping day is tomorrow so I don’t have to worry about losing food. However, I do have two beers in the fridge that I have to finish off. I just have to.

I wrote another verse for “They Tell You/They Don’t Tell You.” That’s all I got done so far. It isn’t very impressive as the lyrics are formulaic. I intend on trying to write more after I publish this blog post. I keep getting impressed by how much we’ve done so far. We still have a song or two to write. I knew we were getting close to the thirty-five minute mark, but my collaborator brought up the point that there’s at least one song that should be shortened. There’s some other moments here and there but they won’t add up to much. We’ll worry about them later.

One thing that I noticed is that we each have elements of our different projects over the years seeping into the songwriting process. I don’t mean specific riffs or anything like that. I mean that I’m finding a few spots where I can definitely hear that it’s the guy from Shadows of Immurement who wrote a lot on this one. I already know that at least on one song I’m going to apply the sort of melodramatic vocals that I used in my “goth” stuff. At first I didn’t want to have too much of that influence in the songwriting. I wanted to completely separate the two groups. But as we went on I realized that was foolish. Shadows of Immurement is part of my musical experience and I’m one of the collaborators. Why wouldn’t it be in there? Besides, there’s somebody else. I hear his other stuff as well.

I make a point of this not only because the band that we’re in isn’t goth but also because we’ve worked together before. We each had our own musical history since. I think we were trying to recapture our style from the old days. It’s still there, in a way. After all, our songwriting voices are very personal. But I forgot that what we are together is a sum of not just parts of our songwriting, but the parts that work well together. Sometimes, they don’t. That’s healthy. But I shouldn’t deny what I am musically just because I’m working on a different project. I will say that I’m trying not to get too depressing with the lyrics. We wanted to keep this album more fun than what we normally do. I’m not sure if we’re achieving that but hey, we’re having fun doing it.


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