Yesterday’s progress.

I got so caught up with working on the album yesterday I forgot to write a blog post. I’ll write one before I begin today, and perhaps another before I go to bed with today’s progress. I know I don’t normally write one for Sunday, so I could get by with just the one to make up for yesterday, but I still owe myself a blog post from the end of December. Not only that, but I’m thinking of going back to my old six-day schedule where I take either Friday or Saturday off. I no longer have to worry about going by the schedule of places that I went to for wi-fi now that I have the Internet at home again.

I couldn’t even remember at first what my personal progress was yesterday. I had to look through Facebook messages with my collaborator to find out exactly what we sent each other. I know there was a lot of files going back and forth. I get the feeling that he recorded more than I did. I did record the guitar track for that predominantly three-chord piece I kept going on about. He recorded a guitar track on top of it and sent it back to me along with a mix of the two together. Now I get to expand on it more. Oddly enough the tracks don’t line up quite right but they’re close enough on my end to record a bass line or vocals or whatever. All I really have to use is the full mix of the two and mute the separate guitar tracks. We spent too much time yesterday trying to figure out why they weren’t lining up before I realized that it didn’t matter. In the end the plan is to mix everything on his computer anyway.

I did work on some ideas based on what he gave me. In a weird role reversal I programmed a couple of simple drum tracks for a piece he came up with on an organ, which he mixed together with some other instruments and added the vocal line. In the past I’ve always recorded the leads while he programmed drums. I’m not saying I mind—far from it—but it did come as a surprise to me. I also translated another idea he came up with on a keyboard to a guitar part and then added to it. I don’t know where we stand on that one.

None of these songs are done yet but there’s a couple that sound like they’re getting close. Considering that he does have plans later in the month that will cut into the process it’s probably a good thing that we’re getting so much done right away. We still have quite a way to go but things are looking good so far.

Today I intend on expanding on any ideas that we have so far. I want to record a new bass line for the first piece that I recorded. I didn’t like the one I came up with. I’m going to try to come up with a guitar track for the song that I programmed the drums for. He left parts of it open so we could come up with something else. I’ll see what I can do. I also want to touch on the other two ideas that he sent me today. I have some lyrics written so far but to be that’s usually the last thing I bother with on any project like this. Even if I have some already when I start recording something I try to wait until the end to record them.

Before I get to anything, though, I want to go jogging first. I haven’t done that in a while and I want to see if it can help me get my energy up before recording. I’m already starting late enough today as it is but I somehow get the feeling that I’ll be able to work fast. I’ll report on how that goes in my next post.


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