Day five.

It’s hard to say if I got much done on the RPM Challenge today or not. I didn’t really come up with any new ideas although I did work on the two that I came up with last night. I haven’t been getting enough sleep lately so I’m tired and I’m quitting early tonight so I can get to bed on time. I also have been anxious about my federal tax return. No matter how much I tried to put it out of my mind so I could focus on my creative work, I let it get the better of me. I got too anxious. I finally figured it out. I found a page on the IRS website that explains that when using the free fillable forms I shouldn’t put “0” in any field. I took all of them out, resubmitted the return, and it was accepted. Now I can put that out of my head. The refund seems really high, but I’m not worried about it. I just had too much taken out over the year.

Before I go further with writing about music-making, I want to make a quick rant about the issue I had with my tax returns. (I know that’s not a sentence that leads to exciting information but I’m too annoyed to care.) When I kept getting the rejection notices in my e-mail they always lead to a webpage on the IRS site that didn’t have the information that told me what the problem was. I tried to get help from them but kept getting the runaround. I ended up going to the original page that links to the online forms for some reason and saw a link for common problems with online forms. I clicked on that link and right at the top of that page was the information that I was looking for. I see no reason why the e-mails I got from didn’t link directly to this page, especially as they had the information relevant to the problem right in the e-mail. Also, the information should have been made more clearly before anybody uses the form.

Let’s get back to the music. The reason why I’m unsure if I was productive or not was because while I didn’t record or even write any new material, I did discuss some ideas my collaborator had at some length. He sent me some files to listen to. While I’m too tired to take them in fully and come up with any ways to expand upon them, I did have some ideas. I won’t go too much into the details as it’s too early. I will say that he has four ideas that might not work as complete songs, but they wouldn’t work with anything else that I’ve come up with so far. They would be developed into their own songs. I liked all of them, so I see no need to reject him. So, counting the two that I haven’t come up with yet, I have five, he has four, and we each had an experimental idea on songwriting. If we count those last two that’s eleven songs. It’s still early to count but considering we have to have at least ten or thirty-five minutes, whichever comes first, we’re well on our way.


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