Music and taxes.

Yesterday I had a fairly productive run with the music. I encoded a rough mix for my friend to listen to for the second song I started on Saturday. I added a vocal track to give him a better idea of what I had in mind. I doubt we’ll keep it as it’s really only a placeholder and sounds it. Still, I await his input. He could reject any part of the piece or all of it. I then composed the beginnings of a really desolate sounding guitar piece that I gave the working title of “Drunk In A Cave.” I hope that my friend doesn’t mind that it has no adherence to a key. It does have a standard song structure, though. We could add lyrics if either of us comes up with any.

I’m trying to come up with two song ideas a day. Perhaps I or we won’t bother with them but it gives us something to work with. They don’t even have to be anything more than just a phrase that I or we can flesh out later. But yesterday I cut my music time short as I decided to file my tax returns online. I was getting a little bummed out that I was taking so much time out of working on music. Then I saw how much I was getting back in refunds and my mood elevated. I knew that I had increased how much money I was getting take out each paycheck but I didn’t realize just how much of an impact it would make. The government owes me more than three times what I owe each month for rent. I’ll be able to pay my father back, get back on track with paying rent on time every month, and have plenty of money left over in the bank. As soon as my refunds go through I’m going to request less is taken out so I can live a lot more comfortably from now on.

Unfortunately I hit a snag. When I got home my federal return was rejected. It looks like it might have just been an error in filling out one of the fields but the message was very cryptic. The IRS website was no help. Any information that I tried looking into contained messages like the one in the e-mail but not it exactly. I tried calling the IRS and kept getting disconnected. I tried getting onto their website’s chat service to talk to a representative but couldn’t wait that long. Every time I got on it I got a message saying that the wait was about two hours. Finally I tried filing my return again. The only difference from last year’s return is that I forgot to put a “0” in one field.

That doesn’t sound to relevant to making music but it is… at least it is for me. I have difficulty moving on if an issue is unresolved. I was frantically looking for help online with this rejection for hours. I picked up a guitar every once in a while but didn’t come up with something. When I re-filed my return I had just enough time to take a shower and write this blog post before my downtime before going to bed. I’ve calmed down by now but I don’t feel like trying to compose anymore for the day. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get a notice that my return was accepted and I can move on.


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