Back online at home.

I gave in and reconnected to the Internet at home. It was not only a lot easier than I thought but a lot cheaper as well. The monthly rate is lower than I had last time (for now, at least). It finally dawned on me that with gas and anything that I get at an establishment that isn’t a library I’m not really saving any money by using public wi-fi networks. That’s not to mention the hassle of either stopping somewhere on my way home and having dinner late or going home and wasting more gas and time going back out again. I don’t know if my behavior would count as addictive. I write for this blog six times a week plus all of the podcasts I listen to and magazines or blogs that I read on my Kindle. So at least I’m engaging in behavior that’s intellectually fulfilling. Plus I have time again to divulge in all of the fun stuff.

It turns out that my cable was still hooked up. The operator was able to simply restart my service on her end so I at least have an Internet connection to use. They’re shipping out a box so I can receive channels on my T.V. set. I’m not too concerned with that. Like last time I only signed up for the package deal because it’s cheaper. This time, however, I’m getting free HBO. It’s probably just a limited-time promotion but it’s worth checking out. I’m still going to stick with the DVD plan from Netflix. I liked having the streaming option through my Wii but from what I remember it had a really small selection. I don’t need it. I’m also going to stick with the free version of Spotify. It was cheap for the full version but I came to really only use it to find out about artists I want to buy from.

The biggest advantage at the moment, however, is the ability to send files back and forth more efficiently with Mike for Popkin-Salvador. I don’t have to wait until I get to the library to send him a new vocal track, for example. I can send it right after recording it, and can do another take immediately if I need to. I also now record on the computer that I hook up to the Internet. When I recorded on my old desktop I couldn’t easily transfer files to the laptop. I had to burn the files to a CD-R or CD-RW and rip them. It was time-consuming and expensive. Hey, there’s another cost cut down that I didn’t even think about before.

I may just have to upgrade the desktop to Windows XP. You read that right. I’m going to let that one go and let you try to figure that out for yourself.

I’m going to make this a shorter post than usual tonight because I have a lot of work to do online now. I didn’t get to start writing this blog until late in my day so I have to make this quick. I was going to do my taxes but I guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow.. Yet again I have to ask my landlord to wait a week for cashing the next rent check. I want to make sure I get my return in time so I can get caught up in March. I was close this time, I just forgot earlier this month that I wasn’t going to get overtime for a while after the store’s inventory.

Enough of my whining. It’s time to go look up fun stuff that I couldn’t in public for so long.


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