Updates on my non-blog writing.

In the midst of all of this hooking up gear to my computer for recording music I haven’t been getting much writing outside of this blog done. The truth is that I’ve been taking a break from it over the past few weeks. It wasn’t my intent initially but I got so caught up in things going on that I suppose I got used to it. I was thinking about taking a break anyway. On top of that when I start working on the RPM Challenge in February I doubt I’ll even get to write too much on this blog. I’ll try to write as regularly but posts are most likely going to be a lot smaller. I won’t know until I try. Not only will I be working on an album but not having my own Internet connection will be a drawback in the overall process. I may have to run to my father’s house down the street a lot.

As I don’t have a lot of time to work on new writing between now and the beginning of February I’m not going to write much new material. However, I don’t want to take as full a break as I have been. I think this would be a good time to work on these revisions I keep promising myself that I’ll do “someday.” This is the closest that I have to a New Year’s resolution. I don’t usually bother with those. But getting myself in the mode to work on those is something I always needed to work on. That way I can finally get around to self-publishing some short stories to sell on Amazon.

Actually, I do have one that’s about ready to go on there but I face the same problem from before that I’ve yet to resolve. Do I publish each story one at a time, or as a collection? Could I justify asking for the same price for two stories that are different lengths, even if it is cheap? Which would people be more likely to pay for? I could publish them separately at first and then put them together in collections at a discount later on. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to try that way. I still have no idea of what price to ask for. I get the feeling that I know what to ask for but I should do a little more research first.

I’m getting less and less interested in the sequel to “The Gallery,” by the way. I liked the first book but there’s some stuff going on in the second that I’m not so sure that I should be writing. I’m putting characters into situations that I’m not familiar with. On top of that one or two of them are female, which puts me in an odd position. Is it sexist to write from the perspective of a female on certain issues if I get it wrong? One could argue that it would be sexist to say “yes” to that question. I consider myself a feminist and not to let sex enter into the perspective of my characters as they go through life. Yet gender is another issue. I define the difference of gender versus sex as psychological. I feel that as a feminist then, gender shouldn’t matter. Maybe it doesn’t at its core but what about upbringing? The way people treat us based on our differences does affect the way we feel about those differences ourselves, even if we don’t realize it. That’s something I should take into more consideration when writing any character, regardless of sex.

Great, I just gave myself more work for writing when I just said that I’m not going to work on it too thoroughly for a month and a half.


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