Recorded a new piece of music.

Saturday night I recorded a new piece of music. It isn’t great but that wasn’t the point. I was experimenting with some recording hardware Mike is loaning me. With it I was trying some new recording software on my laptop. The recording here is the result of an experiment in using several of the program’s effects. The program is a lot easier to use than the software I have on my old desktop, especially when it comes to moving tracks back and forth within the overall project… in other words, say I wanted to push a guitar track a few minutes later into a song. The old program would only let me move the track to certain spots. The newer software is a lot smoother. Granted, it’s also a lot newer. I’m sure the current version of the other software works just as well on newer hardware. But I have this other program on my laptop so I’ll stick with it for now.

While “First the Second” was an experiment it wasn’t total crap. I still had to have a sense of what I wanted musically in order for it to work. I was going for an ambient track with a creepy edge to it (of course). I don’t want to go into too much detail of all of the effects and editing involved. When making works like this I try to go for making it hard to be conscious of how it was made when listening to it. Despite the number of electronics involved I wanted to make it sound as “natural” as possible. My favorite section at the moment is in the middle when the atonal guitar track is done but the sound effects continue. There is still some musicality in there but it works much more as an ambient track for those few minutes than anything you might nod your head to. I think I might have overdone it with the percussion but I’ll live with it. If you can’t pick out my voice in that droning track in the background that’s me reading from my short story “Valediction.” Doesn’t it make you want to buy the story once I get it online?

The biggest goal of recording with more up-to-date equipment is the compatibility with the software on Mike’s computer. We were talking about recording more as Popkin-Salvador despite the physical distance between us when he gets back to Seattle. We’re going to start working on it soon in order to see how quick the process goes. I’m also going to use it for new Shadows of Immurement recordings but I’m going to go ahead now and say I’m putting those on the back burner for the time being. I want to focus on Popkin-Salvador stuff first, at least to see if we can. It’s still up in the air at this point what I’m doing for RPM Challenge 2014. I want to do something but I get the feeling that Mike is skeptical about us finishing on time. That’s fine by me if we can’t do it. I have some other ideas in reserve. But I want to see how easy or hard it is for us first.

I did have one other track that I recorded that I called “Monitoring You” but I’m not putting it online. For one thing I didn’t encode it properly. For another I want to expand it to a full-fledged song rather than a quirky experiment. I get the urge to make something inspired by Skinny Puppy. I probably need to get more equipment if I’m going to record electronic music. As it isn’t a high priority if my life I’ll have to stick with the cheap-sounding stuff I have now. I could use an apreggiator but I’ll live.


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