I hate using sick time.

Written January 1st, 2013

I hate taking sick time from work. It’s not like I’m sick a lot. For that matter I get quite a good amount of it each year. So as far as I can remember I never use it up. Still, as I work early in the morning I never know quite how any sort of illness is going to play out through the day. So unless I can’t even get out of bed I try to rough it going to work in the morning. It usually takes convincing from management to go home and use sick time. Usually this is a result of having a cold and by that point in the day I look worse than I feel. The runny nose impedes my work as well. In that case I really don’t want to use sick time even though nobody wants me being there. It feels like a frivolous reason. Despite the fact that I couldn’t care less about the job itself I still feel guilty of leaving with sick time.

Today I had to take a sick day but not for anything viral. In this case I really do feel a sense of guilt although more for what my actions meant for my health as opposed to getting out of work. I have to say that last week when the manager was making this week’s schedule he said I could take the day off if I wanted to. I didn’t want to take the benefit time just for the sake of going out drinking the night before. In this case the benefit time would be a personal time. For some strange reason I get less of that than I do sick time. On top of that there wasn’t a whole lot to do today. There was work, but nothing that couldn’t be finished over the next day or two. So I really didn’t have any reason to not take the day off anyway. I could have stayed up last night to celebrate New Year’s.

I didn’t want to, knowing full well that I wouldn’t be awake by then. As it was I only got as far as around ten o’clock before I went to bed. The problem was that I still decided to treat myself to that bottle of wine I got for Christmas. Incidentally, it wasn’t as great as I hoped it would be. I guess I don’t like red wine overall. It was still smooth and subtle enough that I made it through the whole bottle. Unfortunately I didn’t realize how fast I was drinking it. I started and nearly finished it while watching a movie. As a result I woke up this morning with a terrible headache and nausea.

I broke my own rule and bought some medicine on my way to work which took care of the headache. By the time I got to work, however, I was still too sick to stand up let alone work. For some reason I’m of the mindset that whenever I’m sick, no matter from what, if I get up and move around then maybe I’ll feel better. In this case that only made matters worse. I asked the supervisor if anybody would care if I took a sick time and she immediately said it would be okay. She also brought up the point that there wasn’t too much to do so it wouldn’t hurt if I took the day off. I also have no problems mentioning why here as I don’t think management at the store at the moment would care about my reasons for getting sick and considering what the holiday was. Besides, I don’t name the store nor do I think that many of my co-workers read this blog to start with.

I got home and went right back to bed for several hours. For the most part I stayed awake and had a marathon of “Backstory” podcast episodes. At one point I did go to sleep which helped. I know this is boring information but it leads to a rather interesting side note. During my nap I had my first ever lucid dreaming experience. I dreamed I was in Portland, Maine when I should have been in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. At that point I realized I was in a dream and could just change my location to continue whatever story was playing out. I closed my eyes and opened them again thinking I would be where I wanted to be. Nothing changed. I have to say it was really disappointing. Perhaps it was because in my dream both images of Portland and Portsmouth where nothing to do with real life?

Also, as I came out of that dream I started hearing what sounded like a really old recording of a song that I’ve never heard before. It was only snippets of the chorus but it inspired me to work on the song in the waking world today. I think I might turn it into a Popkin-Salvador tune. We are talking about working online now so maybe it would be a good place to start.


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