Making my leg go numb.

This isn’t going to be another post about my bathroom habits but the topic does in fact start with sitting on the toilet. Don’t worry, all I’m referring to is something that sometimes happens to me when I’m sitting there reading. I could just say “sitting down reading” but I wanted to emphasize my posture as well as my state of mind. When I read on the can I hold the material with my left hand. I rest that elbow on my left leg. So far there’s nothing weird there. I tend to get caught up in whatever it is I’m reading despite what I’m doing sometimes. When I’m reading in the bathroom I sometimes keep reading when I’m done the other activity I was engaged in. This is especially so when I’m reading a magazine article or something that I get the urge to get “caught up with.” That’s still not weird. One might consider it obsessive, but not weird.

Then I stand up. There have been times that I put my leg to sleep when reading in that position. Standing up feels especially weird on my left heel. It feels like I’m rolling on it more than I should sometimes. It’s all annoying and I’m always relieved when the feeling subsides after a few moments. However, there’s a part of me that enjoys the fact that it happened. It’s kind of like getting drunk. I know the problems that can come of alcoholism but I still want to alter my perception of reality sometimes just because I can. It’s all amusing to me when I can change the way I feel physically just for the fact that I was able to.

This still held true when I made that leg paralyzed once. I was doing the same thing of reading while using my restroom at home. I think I was reading an issue of Heavy Metal at the time. I remember that the story I was on was much better than usual so I couldn’t stop until I was done. I didn’t realize how long it would take nor did I care. I didn’t have to go anywhere after all. When I’m home alone without obligations, what difference does it make if I read a comic magazine in there? Apparently it does make some difference. I had my left elbow digging into my left leg for so long that when I went to get up I couldn’t even move the leg, let alone feel it. I realized what had happened immediately but I didn’t know what to do. I was worried that I would have to go to the emergency room over it. Imagine that insurance form: “Paralyzed leg due to reading comic book while taking a shit.” I would make sure it was worded that way exactly.

After a minute or so the leg started to feel like it does when it’s “waking up.” I’m sure most people recognize the “pins and needles” feeling. I could move my leg slowly. It freaked me out but the above statement applies. Since that has happened part of me wants to emulate it. It’s been quite some time and I haven’t tried that yet. But it still comes to mind from time to time, especially when that leg goes to sleep. I don’t know what dangers could come of repeatedly causing one’s leg to become paralyzed. It was just so weird that I was able to do it to myself I want to try again. Is this scientific curiosity or masochism? Could it be a combination of both?

Scientific masochism… there’s an untapped market.


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