Thoughts stemming from an oil change.

I got my oil changed at the garage next to where I work today. I had a coupon and I knew the process was several months overdue. As I gave the guy behind the counter my information he asked that if the air filter was dirty and needed a replacement if I would let them do that for an extra ten dollars. I agreed. I was reluctant at first because I have some gifts to get soon but I went ahead and said yes. I figured that if it needed changing, it would be cheaper to get it replaced today than to get any repairs down the line. When I went back to get my car they put the old filter on the counter to show me proof that it was indeed dirty and that they did replace it. I didn’t question it at the time nor do I now. But the thought had crossed my mind that they could have just kept that dirty old filter under the counter all of the time and I had no way to prove that it wasn’t mine. To be honest, I would have just taken their word that they changed it. I’m probably setting myself up by making that public but it was such a cheap and minor thing that I didn’t it was worth the bother for them or me. So I let it go.

When they had finished the oil change they parked the car in the front of the store with the driver’s door unlocked. They must assume that if I was leaving the car with them that I would have removed any valuables first. That makes sense, but how would they know? Would they do that if they saw my iPod sitting on the passenger seat? Would they have taken that out and kept it inside for safe keeping or at least locked the door in that place? If they did take it inside they could have also have just said that they didn’t see it, claiming that somebody else stole it. When somebody broke into my car years ago and stole my first iPod, my homeowner’s insurance covered the loss. I wonder if they would in this hypothetical situation if the door was  left unlocked but by somebody else. It’s not really worth worrying about as I did take my valuable items out first. Still, I didn’t like the fact that they left the door unlocked anyway.

As the guy was verifying the information they have on me on file he looked at my computer screen and asked if I still live in Dover. I had to respond with “I’ve never lived in Dover.” I don’t know how exactly they got that address connected to my phone number and with the information about my car on the same file. I do know that there’s another Michael Marston living in the area somewhere. I’ve come across his name at other store before. He has a frequent buyer’s account at Bull Moose. Apparently once he bought a whole bunch of Frank Zappa CDs. So we have some similar interests. I keep wondering about what should happen if I meet him. I wonder if he looks anything like me. If it is the same guy he probably went into the garage and had them change the information on file when he thought that they got it wrong that he lived in Kittery Point. But then the phone number would be different, too. I don’t know what happened there.

The car doesn’t vibrate nearly as much as it did before today. I’m hoping that has to do with the oil change. I know I’ve had problems with the heater in the past doing the same thing. I didn’t really have it on much after the oil change as I went grocery shopping right afterward. I never did like putting my groceries in the trunk as I see a lot of other people do. It always falls over. I haven’t found a method of keeping it upright in the trunk that I like yet. So I keep it in the front with the heavier bag on the floor and the other one on the passenger seat. If the top one starts to tip over I catch it with my right arm. The only downside is that I then don’t run the heater as I don’t want to risk ruining my food. It doesn’t take long to get home, though.

I think I’ve exhausted all of the ideas surrounding my oil change today (Friday). It really all was going to be about the subject that I raised in the first paragraph but I changed my mind. I couldn’t sustain that subject for too long. I’m too lazy tonight to think of any one long topic. Today’s blog post may have gone all over the place but at least it all came from the same place.


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