I hate commercials.

I was in a bar recently where a T.V. set was on. It reminded me why I don’t watch commercial television anymore. There was an advertisement for some name-brand cereal—I think it was a variation of Special K or something like that—where they gave out sample bowls of the crap to people on the street. One woman said something like “Wow, I can really taste the quinoa.” Really? You can taste something that you just put in your mouth? Will that work for me, too?

Actually, my first response was “Bullshit, you can’t taste Quinoa.” Then I realized that my only experience with the foodstuff is in a salad that I have every Saturday for lunch with a lot of other flavors. Therefore I don’t really know if or how it tastes by itself. I’m not going to put down quinoa then until I have further information. Look, I don’t care if it’s trendy, just leave quinoa alone, will you?

Anyway, the commercial was yet another example of our media catering to the lowest common denominator when it comes to intelligence. It saddens me that they are actually targeting this market. Maybe it is a healthful cereal but why do they feel the need to pander to people in this matter? The truth is that no matter how much disdain I have for a lot of Americans, there seems to be a growing number of those with some level of intelligence in this information age. Yet the American media isn’t catering to their needs or intelligence level. Just look at the “news” channels on cable. They only cover what they want you to hear. Yet they don’t realize that there’s a lot of people who know to get their information elsewhere.

I’m not going to go into a whole diatribe about the mainstream media here. I only offer the above example to show how out of touch the media is. If they were actually hitting the mark then maybe I wouldn’t be quite as annoyed as I am with them. This also isn’t the only reason why I stopped watching commercial television (lack of interest in getting the new equipment was a big factor, as was the ability to watch what I want to on my own terms). But it does serve as a reminder as to why I’m not missing it.


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