Distractions from routine.

It’s weird how one little interruption in my day can cause me to lose the entire routine. I don’t mean that I had a busy day once I got out of work. What I mean is that the change threw me off. I finally got around to making an appointment to see the dentist about this problem I’ve been having with a tooth on my upper left. It turns out that they couldn’t find anything wrong. They tried buffing the filling in the lower set under where the pain was. It could have been that it was pushing the tooth above it upward and into that sinus. They said if the pain doesn’t go away to try nasal decongestants. He’s told me that before although I don’t think I had that filling then. Still, I hope what he did to the filling worked. I just tried eating something and I got the pain again. I’m going to give it a few days to see if it will heal. If not then I’ll try the nasal decongestants thing. I hate to take a drug every time I have to eat although maybe the problem could be cleared up after only a few times. Aside from that I hate to take medicine that I’m sure was tested on animals. Maybe I could find something that wasn’t.

Anyway, I couldn’t get an appointment right after I got out of work but not late enough for me to stop home and get dinner first. I wasn’t starving by the time I finally got home but it was four o’clock. The latest DVD from Netflix arrived today so I threw that on while eating. I figured as I got another disc in a television series (Babylon 5) I could watch one episode and resume working on writing or music as I normally try to do on a Wednesday. Unfortunately I got into it too much and couldn’t pull myself away until three episodes later… around seven o’clock at night. There’s something about already being off routine that I didn’t have the drive to get back into it. I did practice some classical pieces while watching the show. There’s something to be said about that. As my attention wasn’t fully on getting the music right I was actually able to play better. I already knew that if I don’t over-concentrate I make fewer mistakes. I can’t keep this up all the time, though. Suppose I get a professional gig. I could hardly put on a movie while I’m playing. I doubt I can play guitar as background music for a silent film, either. That would be fun, but would it work?

As I’m writing this it’s too late for me to work on the novel. I’ve done that before. I’ll live. I can’t keep letting that happen. I don’t foresee any more distractions throughout this week. I need to get my car in for an oil change soon but as there’s a Pep Boys right next to where I work that shouldn’t be too much of an issue. I just realized that I’m trying to schedule myself from keeping myself from getting distracted. This is getting annoying.

What’s also annoying that I got as far as three out of the four episodes on that disc. I’m close to finishing it so I can put it in the mail tomorrow and get the next disc by the weekend. Now I’m faced with the dilemma of staying up late tonight so I can watch T.V. and suffer at work tomorrow because of lack of sleep, or wait a day and risk the chance of not having anything I haven’t seen before on my days off? I suppose if these are the problems I face than I shouldn’t worry too much about my financial situation. Therefore I don’t need to rush as much to try to make money off of my writing. Yeah, I know, it’s only just consolation. But right now I’ll take it.


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