So they faked the moon landing… so what?

For some reason I started thinking about the conspiracy theory* regarding the moon landing back in July 1969. I’m not totally convinced that there was a faked landing nor am I convinced that we were presented with the whole truth from the mass media, either. I also don’t subscribe to the whole flat Earth theory which assumes that the entire space program is a lie designed to make us believe the world is round. Frequently (although not always) the basis of the “lat Earth theory is that if one reads the Bible one can interpret certain passages that prove the Earth is actually flat. As the source material is suspect I throw that one out of the window to start with.

To get back to the moon landing: does it matter? I can’t say that the space program in general has improved my life any. I know I was born more than a decade after Neil Armstrong supposedly stepped on the moon but as far as I can tell the actual scientific data gathered from the mission didn’t help the civil rights movement or solve the problems in Vietnam. Kennedy needed to win the space race in the middle of the cold war. Showing the moon landing on national television provided a symbolic victory and provided heroes and hope for the public at large. In that sense, it worked. If the moon landing was faked or not it didn’t matter. The important thing was that the people believed it.

Woah, woah, put on the brakes here, you might say. Isn’t that the same kind of dogmatism and government deceit that I oppose? Yes, it is. But while I don’t necessarily agree with the reasons behind the subject doesn’t mean that I can’t see that those behind it accomplished their goals. Besides that, can I really get angry about something that happened back in the sixties? I might as well write a blog post ranting about Caligula. I’m more concerned with what’s happening today and what we can do about any problems we face in the future. If solid evidence came to light that proved the moon landing was faked, it’s not going to damage our current mistrust in the government. I’m not defending those behind the moon landing if was faked. I’m just saying that the debate misses the point and is therefore arbitrary.

By the way, I have said this before but it’s relevant and worth repeating. I don’t care if we progress with outer space. Right now government funding needs to be spent elsewhere, such as welfare and a decent educational system. Maybe if the business criminal corporations paid their taxes, then maybe we can allow ourselves to fund space exploration. Right now, it doesn’t seem like it’s a high priority, real or not. Even if it was faked, there’s still money being drained into faking it.


*I am aware that there is some controversy surrounding the term “conspiracy theory.” I use it in the same way that it’s used in popular culture as that’s the easiest way for me to get the point across. While I reject the theories in question regarding the moon landing I’m not attempting to belittle those who believe or propagate such theories. At least, I’m not doing that this time.


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