A few updates; writing, music, jogging.

It was fun but I nixed the experiment for blog-writing this week. I’m referring to taking a line from the song that’s playing as I go to lunch break at work and spinning ideas off of that. For one thing, I don’t normally take my laptop to work on Fridays as I go grocery shopping right after work and don’t stop at the library on the way home. For another, I forgot and didn’t pay attention to what song was playing anyway. To be honest it was harder for me to come up with anything. As it is I’m not really bothering with any particular topic today. Instead I’m just letting out a few updates from this week.

As I’m taking a break from revising the novel I’ve had a go at some shorter stories throughout the week. I took the story “Valediction” and read it through aloud. I thought it was ready to submit somewhere but I found that there were indeed plenty of mistakes and things that I wanted to rewrite. I’m still not sure it’s completed, but then again, will I ever be? I think that one is about ready to publish in an e-book with other stories. Another one I started going through was “The Gravedigger.” I only got as far as the first draft the first time, so I need a lot more work on that one. I also want to tackle the story that I’ve been calling “The Clinic.” I’m going to change it back to its original title of “The Murder Clinic.” I wanted the murder part to be a surprise but then again it wouldn’t be as intriguing. There’s nothing wrong with using a bit of surprise in something but that one didn’t really call for it. Of course, I want to use the short story that I’ve been writing over the past few days and that one needs more revision. So, while I have set up an account with Amazon to sell my work online, it’s still going to be a while to get it ready.

I still intend on getting “The Stone Force” online but I want to focus on the other works right now before I publish anything from that. I don’t intend on it being the best thing I’ve ever written (I’m offering for free, after all) but I do want it somewhat presentable. I also haven’t set up the blog for it yet. I thought I would have one master website that would link to these things but I think a set of blogs that link to each other will do. I thought I would have a way that I could update each page like the main blog but I’m not so sure…. At least I can’t with the template that I’m using. It looks like my biggest concern with the “Stone Force” blog as well as the metal blog is going to be more along the lines of presentation rather than the writing.

My guitar playing is improving somewhat but I don’t think I’m focusing on the right things. I’m taking every session during the week in which I focus on music to just practice. I should work on composition a lot more. Recording can be done at a separate time in the week. However, if I want that recording session to focus on Shadows of Immurement then why would I keep practicing classical music? I like playing it but it isn’t getting me anywhere practically.

I jogged a couple of times this week like I said I would. I’m taking it easy at first but already I’ve felt good afterwards. What really surprised me was the pain in my foot. I wanted to see if I could jog despite that pain. I’m finding that my foot is actually feeling better throughout the week. I still get aches from time to time but not nearly as much as before. Could it be that jogging is actually helping improving the problem, whatever it was? If it’s true I’m glad but I’m also bummed that it took me almost a year to find out that I could have solved this problem all that time ago.


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