Where to write?

I’m doing something I don’t normally do: I’m writing a new blog post at a Panera Bread. Normally I prefer to support local coffee shops but downtown Portsmouth is crazy. I had enough of trying to find parking. Besides, I don’t really need to be out. I’m planning on going to the library tomorrow anyway for the wi-fi connection. But I had an errand that I wanted to take care of and get out of the way. Again, I could probably do that tomorrow but once I get something in my head I hate letting it go.  I think today might have been the last day that I could have returned the item to the store, anyway.

The other thing I wanted to do while I have my computer out is work on that new short story that I started this week. I’m really excited about how well it went yesterday. I would have written it earlier but I got a little drunk while watching old episodes of Red Dwarf. I tend to let the discipline slip on Fridays. But the day’s not over. I have two concerns now: battery power and atmosphere. The first speaks for itself. As far as atmosphere goes, I feel weird trying to write a story here. I don’t know how much I would get done if I went to one of my favorite coffee shops downtown but they wouldn’t feel so… sterile. Then again, that might work to my benefit. I won’t be too overtaken by the mood of the place I’m in. I’m probably coming up with excuses in case I don’t get any work done but I always feel that I’m pretty mood-oriented. The story I’m writing is dark in tone (as usual for me), so I want the place I’m in to have a darker tone.

So far I’ve been writing in my bedroom. The desk I keep my laptop on is there. It’s so familiar at that point that I don’t care about what mood it might generate. I do keep the light low when I can. I also try playing music in the background to match what I want the piece to feel like. The room itself may actually help in the future. My landlord gave me permission to paint my apartment black. I’m just waiting until I have the finances to be able to do so (not only do I have to find paint that doesn’t contain animal products or brushes that have animal hair, black is apparently not a popular color that’s readily available).

Most recently a favorite place to write is Seapoint Beach in Kittery Point. It’s only a mile from my house, so it isn’t any effort to get there. If my foot wasn’t hurting still I’d probably walk to it. Right now the car or motorcycle will do. I’m finding I’m better at writing poetry when I’m there. I’m not sure if that’s because of the mood or because I don’t like taking my laptop. I take a notebook and pen, and I’m more likely to write poetry with that than anything else. But I only recently started going to the beach to write. I don’t know why. I’ve lived this close to this beach for almost thirty-three years.

I said that this weekend I wanted to go to Mt. Agamenticus to explore the paths as they relate to my story. I don’t know if I would have taken anything to write with but I’m not going this time. It’s supposed to rain. I doubt I would sit down in the woods and write but there’s plenty of places to write at the summit. But it’s one of those places where I want to sit and take in my surroundings as opposed to engaging in something else. So while it may be one of my favorite places to visit it isn’t my favorite to write.

I guess Panera Bread isn’t the worst place to write as I’ve been writing this blog post here. I’ll attempt the story afterwards. It’s possible that maybe my favorite places to write fiction are indeed human-made structures. That way I’m not distracted by nature. Maybe I’m more of an outdoors kind of person after all.


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