Working on a new short story.

I started a new short story yesterday. I knew I wanted to work on fiction but I wanted to take a break on the novel and revising in general. I decided to start something new. As I was writing for the sake of writing I didn’t bother mapping out the story ahead of time. I don’t usually outline my short stories too much anyway but usually I have an idea in my head of where it’s going. I don’t usually just wing it like I did yesterday. But I have to say that I’m rather pleased with where it’s going so far. It’s almost writing itself. I know that sounds dangerous but I want to see where this is going. Maybe my break on the novel is going to be a little longer than I thought. My character in this story is exploring an unknown path in the forest. It’s as if I’m exploring it with her.

Okay, that’s getting corny. But it’s pretty apt nonetheless. I’m having the character going through the woods that she knows like the back of her hand when she comes across a bridge that she’s never seen before. It crosses a creek that she walks by all of the time. She decides to take the bridge to the other side. The other side, of course, is darker and more foreboding but her strong desire to explore overwhelms her. As she looks back she can’t see the bridge although the trees are so thick I leave it up in the air if the bridge is actually still there or not (I’m leaning toward not). That’s as far as I got but I have a feeling I know where I want it to go. I’ve had the idea for a long time of a character that as the ability to cause people to feel negative emotions and relive the pasts that they try to hide from themselves. I view the character looking very much like myself, or rather how I envision my look would be if I ever get this live version of Shadows of Immurement going–hence the tie-in with themes that I already explored in the band’s material.

Am I really going to include myself in a horror story as the supernatural Pinhead-like character? Sure, why not? I’m not directly going to copy anything from Hellraiser but I wouldn’t mine wearing an outfit like that. But anyway, the supernatural character is in a way myself as I’m making the character go through all of this. I can make her do whatever I want. Why not represent this in the story itself?

In my head, the woods in question are those on and surrounding Mount Agamenticus. I don’t know of any other-worldly part of the forest but of course I’m going to leave that open in the end of the story if it was really real or not. There is a creek there as well, but I think one can actually walk to the other side. I haven’t been there in a while. I might go this weekend when I have some free time–not for research, but now I’m curious. I do remember that the creek and nearby paths get flooded when the snow melts during the spring, which is when the story takes place. So far that doesn’t really play into the plot too much. It’s just to set the tone.

As usual, I didn’t name the character. Sometimes I do, but with my short stories lately I’ve been leaving the main characters anonymous, like the character in my story “Valediction” or left with a general identifier, such as the gravedigger in “The Gravedigger.” Unlike those stories, I’m probably not going to include The Order of the Shadows other than a possible reference in passing. I also have to work my trademark in the story that I have in all of my fiction. I won’t tell you what it is. If anybody really is interested I’ll let them guess. I suppose now I’ll have to publish those short stories somehow so people can find out if they really care to.


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