I don’t know of anybody that could come up with a valid scientific theory for telepathy. I haven’t studied the subject although I think I will. Obviously this post is not a research paper. But I am familiar with the concept generally, especially through science fiction. In terms of when the characters need telepathy it can be of use. But I doubt that I would want to be able to read people’s minds all of the time. I’ve also thought that telekinesis would be fun but considering how much my mind races all over the place I doubt that would be safe. I would have to be in a padded room with a television and drugs in order to keep my mind occupied so I don’t use the power. Then again, now that I put it that way, I think I would like to be telekinetic.

Back to telepathy: like I said, it could be a useful tool in fiction. I haven’t yet introduced a character in my Stone Force fiction that has the power. I’m still on the fence about it. Like I said, I can’t think of a valid scientific theory behind it. So far all of my characters have some power related to manipulating nature: controlling electricity, causing injuries via direct contact, immunity to poisons, etc. At the climax of the third story in the first trilogy (if I ever get around to writing the third book) a time-control stone is involved, which is a bit of a stretch but one could take the license if one accepts time in the linear, sci-fi concept. I suppose I could come up with a way that a character could detect vibrations emanating from another character’s brains and in turn is able to translate those vibrations into thoughts or something like that. Actually, now that I put it that way I wonder if there could be some sort of physical reasoning behind it. Even if there was we’re probably far from the technological advancement we would need to be able to do this.

Again, I doubt I would want to read people’s minds, anyway. I know the kind of impression I have on others without having to “hear” what they’re thinking of me. I tend to make people pretty honest about how much I annoy them. It’s probably because I’m making it clear that I’m having fun annoying them in the first place. Knowing what my goal is they don’t hide back their honest feelings. Just the same I know that there are some secrets that I shouldn’t know. If it would help in my profession, say if I was a detective or a spy, then I probably would change my mind. Seeing that I work in a stock room I doubt that it would be necessary.

But that’s just it: part of being human is being able to withhold information from others. Even in this information age we have secrets that we keep to ourselves. No, I’m not going into another rant about the N.S.A. or people stealing each other’s identities or things like that. When it comes down to it the Internet doesn’t connect to my brain. I chose what I put out on the Internet anyway. I can also chose to never connect to it again. My point is, if we all knew what each other was thinking all of the time, would we even function? Would our society improve or shut down?

With this blog I tell people practically everything. I don’t hold anything back unless it violates some sort of policy on WordPress. The same rules apply on WordPress as they did when this blog was on Blogger regarding adult content. Nonetheless if you knew every detail of how these thoughts speed through my head before I refine them on my computer, the blog would be nonsensical. Not to mention I have several trains of thought going at once. If you could somehow manage to make it inside my mind, you’d get lost. I imagine it’s the same that if I was able to go into someone else’s mind. Of course, I speak from lack of experience in mind-reading. Perhaps our minds would strengthen if we could all read each other’s. I still don’t want to find out.


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