Cities versus where I am now.

got me thinking about the differences of cities and the lifestyle I’m accustomed to where I live. I used to think that I wanted to move to a city for all of the conveniences contained therein and how it might improve my lifestyle. So I’m going to take today’s post to try to compare the two lifestyles. By the term “lifestyle” I’m referring how I would specifically live in a city. I make note of that in case any city-dweller reads this post and notices that I’m leaving a lot out. I should also mention that my experience with cities is limited: Boston, Seattle, Oslo, and Portland, Maine. There are smaller cities in New England that I’ve been to but are so small that I would consider them more to be large towns. (I include Portland because I consider it just big enough and also because I fell in love with it while going to college there.) I also am leaving out some of the large ones like New York City simply because I haven’t been.

I think the biggest advantage of the city would be that everything would be right at my fingertips. As long as I learn where the safe areas are I could walk to a convenience store late at night, not to mention a simple walk to a coffee shop in the morning. As it is now I have to drive everywhere. If I wanted to go somewhere late at night I would either have to put up with driving all the way across town or do without. Even if I didn’t feel like driving, in the city there are usually buses running late. Again, I would have to make sure that I’m picking safe routes. Although I will say that with the cities I’ve been too that wouldn’t be too hard. So far the worst that I’ve had to deal with are annoying people, not dangerous ones.

That leads me to the other advantage, which would be less money on travelling. With gas prices nowadays I’m having to budget travel costs into wherever I go. I suppose that always could have been the case but I don’t make a whole lot of money to start with. I realize that if I lived in a decent part of a city that the rent would be higher, but wouldn’t that just balance things out? Even if it just came to a wash I still regard the fact that it isn’t a disadvantage to be an advantage. There is a matter of bus fare. When I visited Seattle a couple of months ago, I spent over fifty dollars in bus fare for just one week. Granted, that was because I was playing tourist a lot and didn’t know where I was going for half the time. I imagine if I lived there I wouldn’t be using the bus nearly as much. Of course, this is also all based around the idea that I would get rid of my car and all of the expenses with it.

Still, I like where I live now. While I think I might like to move to a city I’m not in any hurry to leave. I think the closest term one can use for Kittery would be “suburban” although it’s probably more like a step below that. It’s definitely not rural although I do live near some wildlife refuges. But I also personally live far away from anything and it’s a hassle to get around. Even when I make the effort to dress before leaving the apartment and justify to myself the cost of gas, it takes time to get where I’m going. That’s not accounting for annoying tourist traffic. Then again, if I’m not always able to go out for something I’m not getting distracted from something I want to do at home, such as cleaning, writing, and so forth. I also like living a mile away from a beach that I can have all to myself depending on when I go. I’m finding that’s very conductive to writing, reading, or simply being. (I think I may write a blog post listing my favorite places to write at some point.)

Simply moving to the city for the sake of liking the city is not going to drive me away from where I live for now. I could leave my job at any time but I have a hard time letting go of such things if something better doesn’t come along. In other words, the biggest motivation for me to move somewhere would be work. Perhaps I could use that as motivation to find a better job.

By the way, I know I haven’t been reacting too much lately to current events. I’m not running out of ideas. I usually write my blog post before getting online. When I do get to a wi-fi connection I’m anxious to get out of there. I intend on paying more attention to what’s going on out there soon. That is, of course, I don’t get so sick of the outside world that I go into seclusion completely.


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