Welcome to the new site.

As you can see I moved my blog. It was previously on Blogger, which is owned by Google. In light of the recent news of the company’s conduct with e-mail accounts, on top of the recent N.S.A. scandal, I felt it a conflict of interest for me to write the things I do on one of their services. I wasn’t personally affected by any of those issues (that I know of) and I can’t find that I’m that shocked by any of the news. It still feels weird saying the things I say in contrast with the things that they do. Besides that, while going through my computer recently I found files that Google put there that I didn’t want. I’m sure that it was in the fine print of something I agreed to. That doesn’t mean that I like it there.

I also wanted to make a more user-friendly website to display not only my blog but also the Stone Force series that I announced a few weeks ago. I’m also planning on resurrecting the metal blog at some point. I didn’t feel that I could do this all on my one site with Blogger. I found a theme available on WordPress that feels more like the website that I wanted. Originally I was going to keep my Blogger blogs there while the website was hosted by somebody else. With WordPress I’m keeping everything together. I’m sure that over the next few months I’ll be playing around with the look of the site but right now I’m already pleased. We’ll see also how I feel about WordPress as a company. So far I haven’t found any issues that I’m worried about.

I imported all of my old blog posts from Blogger for both the regular and metal blogs. At some point I’m going to delete them from Blogger and put up a post that redirects people here. I said before that I’m going to make a decision about what the future of this blog when I reached my thousandth post. I think I settled that already by moving it here. However, that will be a good time to making decisions about the blog’s past. When I reach that point I will go through and delete most of the posts before I switched over to the newer style. I’ll keep them with my own files for archival purposes but I honestly don’t see much demand for them to resurface. I’ll leave them up for a while as I anticipate new readers with the move. However I don’t want to give people the wrong impression of what the blog is about.

One thing that you might notice right away if you read back to some of the older posts that I imported here is that links within the pages may not work right. I’m sorry about that. The links are for Blogger addresses. If I have time I’ll try combing through them to fix the links but I can’t honestly say that it’s high on my priority list. Unfortunately this means redirecting people to a Google site when I’m making a statement of not being there. Somehow I don’t think that I’ll have enough readers of the old posts for this to be an issue. I primarily want to go through and fix the links for my own sense of completion.

If anybody really questions it, yes, I might still use something like YouTube, another Google site, once in a while. Like I said the issues didn’t affect me personally. If there’s another option I would like to hear it. Unfortunately just about everything that one could find for videos on the Internet is there. But I won’t link to there anymore in the blog, anyway. I might also cancel my accounts with them just in case.

By the way, they cut my hours at work. It was to be expected as I was on overtime anyway (which I still am). That means that not only will I be able to write my posts six days a week but I’ll actually most likely be able to publish them each day as well.


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