Will be online less in the near future (but with more money).

I want to make a quick announcement. Starting this next week I’ll be working overtime every day. This arrangement will continue indefinitely. As far as I can tell the store should have enough hours each week to accommodate this schedule through the holiday season. If I find that the extra work time is too much to bear I’ll request to go back to my original schedule. However they’re only adding two hours a day so it shouldn’t really be a problem. The only concern is that I may not get online as often as I do now. As a result my blog posting will become more erratic. I’ll still write every day. In fact with the extra hours I am eligible for an extra meal break which may give me more time to work on this. Perhaps with the extra money coming in I can swing by Starbucks on my second break and use their wif-i more often.

In other words, nothing is really changing. If you don’t see any new posts for a few days it isn’t because I’m done working on this blog. It’s only because I’m not getting online as much as I used to.

As I am taking my computer around to connect to the Internet I’m subject to how much battery power I have left. If I’m not online every day that does mean that when I am on it I’m on for longer periods of time. Depending on how good the connection is I may be on longer than I want to. When I have multiple blog posts to publish and several hours of podcasts to download I can use up the battery entirely in one session. Today, for example, I’m writing this paragraph with only about half an hour left. Aside from the work I had to do I distracted myself by checking out some videos of stand-up comedians (Maria Bamford is a new favorite). I don’t kick myself for doing so but I lost track of time.

I’m not going to be one of those people that plug my computer into a wall outlet at the coffee shop. I feel awkward doing so even though this one in particular has a table in the corner with a strip of outlets for that purpose. I didn’t even tip for my coffee because I paid by debit card. I would feel guilty if I stole their electricity on top of that. Maybe I could do so at the library as my taxes go towards that electricity bill. I haven’t been there long enough to use that.

As I only have so much time left I’ll finish this blog post now. It’s time to unplug my ear phones and…. Oh! There’s a real world around me!


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