Bike trip to Schoodic Point, 7/27/13.

I write this blog post on Sunday to make up for the fact that I didn’t write one yesterday. Because I rarely get online on the weekends anymore I won’t post this until tomorrow. This seems to be happening a lot lately. But yesterday I had good reason for not writing a blog post. I spent most of the day on my motorcycle.

I didn’t get to go on the super-long bike trip that I was planning on this year due to lack of funds. I did however decide to take a day trip during the week that I was going to go. I went on Saturday because I wanted to end up in Portland and cruise downtown on a Saturday night. Besides that the weather wasn’t that great for riding this week anyway. In other words it made no difference that I rode this week as I have weekends off anyway. That doesn’t diminish the need to have taken a vacation but I do hope that next time I plan better.

As I had less time to ride I decided on a location that I visited the last couple of years during my annual long bike ride. I went to Schoodic Point and back. I took Route 1 on the way there again. I discovered that the route took a lot longer that I had planned for. I left at seven in the morning which was later than I wanted. Even then I only got about three hours of sleep. I went to see some friends perform in Dover the night before and didn’t get home until after midnight. Even then I was so energetic I didn’t get to sleep until around two. But I did wake up around five thirty for whatever reason. I may have been groggy but was awake so after moping around the apartment for a bit I finally got my things together and took off.

I have decided that if I take a bike ride to that area of Maine again I won’t bother with Route 1. There are several tourist traps along the way which already slows me down. It’s also a roundabout way of getting there. The trip takes seven to eight hours that way which is not only annoying but I also went through an extra tank of gas. I found that if I take Route 1 to Ellesworth, then take Route 1A to Bangor and finally connect to 395 then 95 I can get to Portland in less than four hours. From there it takes another hour to get home. I didn’t want to take the faster highway on the way up because I thought it would be less enjoyable. I’ve seen enough of Route 1 (at least, that portion of it… the further north on the coast one gets the route does become quite pretty). Taking the highway was no less comfortable. From now on if I ever go that way again I will take that route.

Getting to Schoodic Point is definitely worth it regardless. It has become one of my favorite points in the world. I can’t explain why it’s different than any rocky areas near water around here. Maybe it’s because I took such pains to get there. The journey definitely can effect how one perceives the destination. I felt at once refreshed and invigorated by just being there. It was if the power from the North Atlantic waves didn’t end as they crashed on the rocks but kept flowing through me. I’m not a spiritual person by any stretch of the imagination but I suppose that was as close as I’ll ever get. Perhaps there is something about nature that we humans feel a connection to (even though that connection may get misinterpreted).

I then went all the way to Portland with only making two stops to get out and stretch my legs. Riding on a motorcycle does take a toll on the body. When I got off the highway in Portland I noticed that my rear left turn signal wasn’t coming on. I spent a half hour or so after dinner just searching for a place that might sell automotive bulbs. Any place that did wouldn’t have been open by that point. It was already after seven in the evening. I still wanted to go to the mall area in South Portland and Scarborough so I resolved to get there using right turns only. It became a fun challenge. At least it would have been if I didn’t discover that it was another case of wiring under the seat getting cut. It was only one this time, and it was only frayed. I was able to press the wire together and put it under the seat in a way that the blinker would work again. I don’t intend on leaving it that way but it at least saved me another errand.

I did just a little bit of window-shopping done but spent no money. Gas and food was enough for the day. Now that I have not more vacation time this year it’s time to stop spending fun money as if I had it. It’s time to start saving as I have gotten into debt again. It’s not nearly as much as before but I want to get it over with as soon as possible. That’s why you may not see me going out as much as I used to. I may still go out for a coffee time and again just so I can get out of the apartment but that’s about it. That doesn’t mean musician friends shouldn’t keep inviting me to their shows. I still want to go. But it’s unlikely that you’ll run into me by chance in public.

Besides, I have a lot of work to do. It’s time to finish this novel and then figure out how to publish it. I have too much music in my head that isn’t getting onto the computer I record on. I have one or two other things in life that I have been procrastinating on that I won’t go into here but I need to address. When I quit my job at the convenience store I made a corny status update on Facebook that it was “time to live.” I’m taking too long to find out what I meant by that.


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