What to do this week?

As I embark on another vacation I can’t decide what to do with the next nine days off. I already said I’m not going on a several-day bike ride. I may be able to swing a hotel bill for one night so I might ride up to Burlington at some point this week like I originally thought. I haven’t decided. I’m more likely to take a few day trips here and there. I still want to go to Portland at some point this week. With the warm weather I can also take the kayak out for a paddle around here. Perhaps I’ll pack a lunch and take a longer trip this time. There’s lots to do in this area. All I have to do is find it.

Then again I could just take the time to lounge around the apartment and relax. I haven’t been overworking myself lately but I do need to refresh myself to some extent. I also want to rest my foot. I may have helped by buying new shoes a month ago but it still aches from time to time. I’m hoping by keeping off of it for most of the next week it will be on its way to not hurting anymore. I can’t sit still so I can’t guarantee that I’ll be off of it all of the time. Even with motorcycling and kayaking I won’t be on it too much. I’ll have other physical concerns to take care of but just fatigue.

The worst part is thinking ahead of time of what I want to do. I’m getting anxious. It’s as if I only had a day or two to work with. As a result I’m stressing myself out which is self-defeating. Maybe I just need to ease myself into the vacation for the first few days. After that I’ll probably have gotten into the groove of things and can decide then what I want to do. By the way, if anybody who lives near me or at least knows the area and has suggestions I’m open to them. I’m not looking to spend a lot of money. I can still spend some small amount but there should be plenty of free fun around here. I just need to know where to look.

I’m also looking to see if anybody I know has a truck that I can borrow to cart my kayak around in. Chauncey Creek is nice but one gets tired of paddling down the same route all the time. I’m willing to pay for the gas or whatever. Name your price. Again, I haven’t decided that it’s even what I want to do but I’m looking at options.

One thing that I am going to do is continue to write for this blog. I also hope to take the extra time to keep revising this novel I’m working on. I’m more than two-thirds into editing the first draft (which technically is the second but I think of it as the first… perhaps some day I’ll get around to explaining that). I should be able to finish this edit by the end of the week. Then I can take the time to type the changes, print out the new draft, and repeat the process. I’m not very good at revising. I don’t feel like I’m making an adequate amount of changes when doing so. I always got the impression that the drafting process involved a lot more rewriting than what I tend to do. Yet I am confident in myself as a writer as I continually practice with this blog as well as other things I’m working on. I always prided myself on working fast anyway. Maybe I’m worrying too much?

Unlike last time I went on vacation I will continue to write for this blog regularly. However I don’t think I’ll be getting out every day to do publish each new post online. There may be a few spans of days on tend in which I won’t get online. Even if I did it would only be for a few minutes at a time to check messages but not to bother working on this blog.

Then again, I could say “To hell with it!” and ride out to Toronto after all.


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