Somewhere along the line the debate about evolution changed. Originally it was whether or not it could exist in a Christian framework. Now it’s generally accepted that it isn’t. The debate shifted to evolution versus Christianity or more specifically Creationism. I’m not sure when the shift changed nor do I even care to look it up. Usually I make a point to say whether or not I have the time to research a particular point and if not, why not. This time I simply don’t care as I find the whole argument frivolous.

When we think about the original debate it doesn’t make sense.. The bible is not meant to be taken word for word. As a result the evolutionary process could have occurred within the first seven “days.” There’s no evidence that the days mentioned in the bible refer to twenty-four hour days as we know them today. As a side note don’t forget that the bible was written before people had the more thorough understanding of astronomy that we have today. The bible can be disproved in many ways but evolution is not one of them. So there’s really no reason why religious science teachers (let’s forget for a moment how that’s an oxymoron) can’t teach evolution in class without so much as flinching.

It’s pretty obvious where I stand on the current debate. I was an atheist long before I heard about Creationism. Learning about evolution had no effect on me or any semblance at that point of faith. At the same time if we take the reasoning above I don’t use evolution to discredit religion. Instead I use religion to discredit Creationists. If they say religion disproves evolution but as I have shown evolution can exist in their religion then they already get their religion wrong. In turn they have no right to argue about the merits of whether or not their religion is real anyway. So I guess in a sense I am using evolution to prove them wrong albeit indirectly.

Creationists are dangerous people. Not only are they spouting off ideas that follow no sense of logic or reality they’re also involved in schools and the government. Groups like the Freedom From Religion Foundation are keeping a watch on how this nonsense penetrates our schools. That’s all well and good but there’s still more work to be done. People keep talking about how we have religious freedom in this country. They say that it’s one of the benefits to living here. Is it? If we allow our education system to be infiltrated by these wrong ideas and bad science this freedom of religion is harming our students. I may not be a big fan of kids but I do feel that they deserve a chance of proper education.

Therefore I propose that creationism is the most compelling evidence that we need to outlaw religion. I’ve often made that statement but I always meant it. There’s been a lot more evidence but this is the final nail in the coffin as far as I’m concerned. I’m not running for office but I wish that somebody with the means and proper convictions would take this platform. Can you imagine that? Not only would somebody running be an atheist but actually proposing that we outlaw religion. I’m sure it would not take off right away or for that matter even for a few generations. But it would get the ball rolling.


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