Back in the routine.

Lately I’ve taken up writing blog posts during my lunch break at work. That way once I get to the library or coffee shop I’m not spending as much time as before. Now I’m in and out and get home to get to other tasks on time. After a few weeks have gone by since my trip to Seattle I’m getting back into the mode in which I need the routine. A few weeks ago I said I was getting laid back about such things. Now it seems that I’m reverting to a previous state (my more natural state?) of mind in which I need to schedule everything. I need the feeling of getting things done. I’m not letting things go as much as I did when I first came back from that vacation. Who knows how I’ll feel after my next one. I’m going on vacation next week but I’m not going anywhere after all. Because I mismanaged my funds over the last couple of months I’m not going to take that big bike ride after all. If I can swing it sometime in August maybe I’ll take a weekend trip somewhere.

I don’t feel too bad about it as I could use nine days off in a row to rest. Now I’m trying to decide whether or not if I want to take another break from writing and guitar practice or if I should use even more time for those activities. If I’m not going anywhere then I’ll have the time and materials on hand. I probably won’t post to this blog every day. I’ll still write for it but I doubt I’ll want to head over to the library nearly every day like I do now. It’s on my way home from work. If I’m not going to work it would be an extra trip for me to take. Then again it isn’t very far. I’m not going to think about it too much now. I have next week to worry about it.

So now that I’m back to a routine I’m not going to bore you with all of the details. I think the last time I went over it isn’t too much different from what I do now. The only difference is that instead of taking my Kindle to work to read The New Yorker  I’ll be reading it before I go to bed. I’m not scheduling my reading time as far as that magazine is concerned. I’ll just pick it up when I can. I read fast so scheduling that really isn’t necessary.

If I run into a lot of money my plans may change as far as next week goes. Somehow I doubt it. I can pack food if I have to and gas on the bike is cheap so that isn’t the problem. My main concern is lodging. Hotels can be expensive. I’m not researching cheap hotels or even campgrounds ahead of time as I had no interest in scheduling where I was going to be on any given night. I get paid on Fridays. I may take a day trip to Portland on the last Saturday before go back to work. I feel like I ought to do some sort of travelling during vacation.


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