Coming soon(ish): "The Stone Force" online.

I’ve made it to my nine-hundredth post now. I didn’t really know at first what to do with it. My personal tradition was to take older pieces of my writing and make fun of myself. I don’t really want to do that anymore. It doesn’t look good for me. Besides that, I’m getting sick of self-deprecating humor in general. Now that each post is topical it doesn’t really feel like doing anything special will be that special. Therefore I also considered not writing a celebratory post at all. But it doesn’t feel right to purposefully let one slip by and not do something. I even thought about taking the day off–which would be stupid considering that would just make the next day’s post the nine-hundredth anyway.

I decided to do something with some older writing of mine after all but without making fun of it. For a long time I’ve had this fantasy world stuck in my head that I’ve nearly abandoned when I turned to more “serious” writing. I always thought it would work better in a comic book anyhow, which is something that I have no experience in (although if anybody has any suggestions on how to enter that field, I’m all ears). I’ve already written first drafts for two of what was supposed to be a trilogy of novels that take place in this world, with ideas floating around in my head for subsequent story lines. The idea was that if the franchise took off I would then commission these ideas to other writers so the books could get out in a timely fashion. In the future I may post sections of these two novels but I haven’t decided if it’s worth the effort yet. Still, I see no reason I can’t surmise characters and some key plot points.

Anybody who has had correspondence with me on the Internet would notice the word “Irrono” crop up from time to time, including in the web address for this blog. The word itself is a shortened version of a made-up word “Irronovence.” I can’t remember what the original usage of the word was but I came up with it in my teens to sound like it could have existed in an ancient language like Latin. It became the name of a character that I developed for online role-play, and I later dropped the “vence” when I decided to include another character named Elle Vence. I had the idea that my Irrono character had the superpower of copying other character’s powers, similar to Rogue from the “X-Men” comics but without the nasty side effect of draining the other person’s energy. An initial concept was that the last name of the person he copied would be added to his own name. I later dropped this as I realized how stupid it was. It led me to making the character’s name be another language for “And,” which is not an especially exciting superhero name.

I won’t bore you to death with all of the history of developing these characters, but I thought it was worth giving some back story to the word “Irrono.” As I developed the story more the name meant “Outsider” instead. I later had future characters take up the name as they two would come to lead the superhero group I called the “Stone Force.” All of the superhero powers in this universe comes from stones found in a volcano on an made-up island nation that these characters inhabit. The history of the island includes that scientists centuries ago discovered that by surgically implanting these stones in a certain way to the human body gives that human special abilities. Using the powers could be an enormous energy drain if not used carefully, but I don’t delve into that idea too much. It would be pretty limiting to action scenes.

I toyed with the idea of giving a summary of the story lines existing in those two novels and future stories. I also thought instead that I should just give a brief summary overall and descriptions of each of the characters. Both options would take too long. I’m not worried about posting this material here, should somebody try to plagiarize it; aside from limited originality I can prove that these characters and so forth belong to me. The more I write this post the more I’m considering revisiting these stories in a shorter format, or a different format entirely… perhaps as a web comic?

The whole thing might feel adolescent or nerdy when I try to analyze it. I can’t help feeling somewhat excited about it, though. It’s a universe that’s been floating around in my mind for years. One thing that I can say is that nowadays it’s not uncommon for writers to post their work online and then later turn that writing into published books, which they still make money off of. Maybe it’s not a bad idea to post the writing after all. If I don’t want to spend too much time writing this as opposed to my more “serious” works, then posting a serial online of first or second drafts wouldn’t be a totally bad idea.

So, I’ve decided I’m not going to summarize the storyline or characters just yet. Instead I’m going to go ahead and give this world a regular web presence as a sort of hobby. I can’t promise any sense of regularity as it isn’t my main project, but I’m going to start a website including a blog which contains the serial. It probably won’t be on Blogger this time as I want more than just the blog itself. The next time I can spend longer than usual online I’m going to look into my options for a web service that I can use for this. I can’t make any promises that it would look stupendous as my web design skills are grossly outdated. I’ll probably pick a service that’s free, so readers might have to put up with ads. But hey, it will be there.


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