Car issues.

I finally got my car into the shop today to get in inspected (it was due last month but never mind). It failed, apparently miserably. I need new brake pads, new front tires, and some sort of replacement metal underneath the doors in order to pass. I was already aware of the first two issues, but I didn’t know I was going to have to pay six hundred dollars for it. With that and other things from earlier in the year I’m going to have to borrow money from my father again. I’m fine with this as even with what I had to borrow earlier this year I don’t owe nearly as much as I did before… and I won’t have to take as long paying him back.

However, I have to wait to pay him back in order to buy a new car. I know I need a new one, and if I didn’t already owe him money I would have just gone ahead and sold my current one for scrap metal now. I figure that my car will last at least into the middle of the next year, by which point my finances will have settled. I can then start looking for a new one. I’ve been interested in electrics. The total price of them is still a little more expensive than the ones that take gas, but it seems that dealers want people to buy them. The payments are comparable, if you don’t mind paying one off longer. But I’m still up in the air on this issue. I don’t want a tiny car, as I want a luggage rack to put my kayak on top of. Right now that’s the only thought that comes to mind as one of my requirements.

My mechanic wasn’t able to work on my car until next Monday. I still have my motorcycle, and it looks like for most of the week I’ll be able to take that for transport. However, we’re supposed to get rain tomorrow. My father lent me his Ford Escape so I can get to work and not get soaked. It’s bigger than my Focus, but I can manage just fine. I’m not interested in getting an S.U.V. for myself, but I have to admit that with my longer legs the room is a bit more comfortable. That was one of the reasons I was looking at getting a pick-up truck at one time (although I decided against it).

The car is brand new, and what really interests me is the interface with the driver as opposed to my car from 2000. The first and most significant difference is the fact that there’s no key. What you get instead is a keypad that fits in your pocket, and as long as you have it on you when you get in the car it starts at the push of a button. The rest of the instruments vital to controlling the car aren’t much different than what I’m used to. For the entertainment system, however, it’s all touch-screen. I haven’t played around with it much as I drove to the coffee shop tonight. I did find the USB port under the arm rest and plugged in my iPod. The entertainment system interfaced with it, allowing me to use the touch screen to access the content. It’s really cool although I can’t say that it’s a big selling point for me. The sound system is better than mine, but then again, that’s a difference between expense of car rather than date.

I’m still in love with my motorcycle and anything with four wheels seems superfluous. However, I live in New England and have to deal with winter. I was considering moving to an apartment that’s walking distance from work and getting rid of the car altogether. I’m still playing with this idea. For right now, I just have to manage paying my father back and getting my feet back on the ground financially before I seriously start looking for either option.


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